Thursday, November 13, 2014

Free Book From Chatbooks!

Last week I blogged about Chatbooks and this week YOU get a free book!
Use my referral code: TCWZRPHN

New book came this week! 

Doak is crazy about them...

 So sweet.

I received a huge response to last weeks post and am so glad that you can make memories super easy too!

Much Love, 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Chatbooks... Why I blow up Instagram!

This week I'm talking about Chatbooks!
I'm not getting paid to blog about them or anything I just love this product! I find myself telling everyone about it everywhere I go so may as well do it here! I am constantly posting pics on Instagram and this is why... a book that chronologically 
captures my most precious little moments of everyday. 

Each book has 60 of your Instagram photos... each volume dated!

And you can pick your cover page.

When I signed up there was a special deal for eight books for $36.00. Now every 60 instagram photos they send me a new one for $6.00. Ridic!

I had a lonely little corner with a box full of Doak's books and puzzles.

I needed a spot to display these little books... out of reach for a three year old!
I put up some shelves from Home Goods and...

Added a little splash of color and the perfect way to store all of my photo books. 

I love it.

The shelves were a great way to add some of my favorite books that work with the colors I have in the room.

I added my previous photo books to the shelve too!

Not a boring corner anymore

Second level view

The memories these little books capture are priceless. My mom made every one of her twelve children "baby books." Thank you, Chatbooks, for making it so easy to continue the tradition!

Much love,