Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pillow/Otto Obsession

Anthro always has vivid and unique pillows and ottomans BUT
 with fun fabrics and thrift stores you can create something like this...

Tip: There are a ton of great places that sell beautiful fabrics for cheap! Ours here in Richmond is Ufab:

Also, have friends that can sew! Johnna Sheets, an amazing friend and designer, sewed these pillows for me. Do I have a sewing machine? Yes. Do I use it? Rarely. I'm going to start to sew more... I swear!
I used some of my favorite fabrics, some discontinued fab samples, to create an array of gorgeous toss pillows and slip seats for ottomans found from my local thrift store.
Wood leg Ottoman Cost: $12

Tip: On Wednesdays our Salvation Army offers 1/2 off on furniture that has sat in the store for 1 month. I go every week and keep my eyes peeled for pieces that I can recreate into something unique. Call your local thrift stores and see when they have weekly deals. Just when you thought it couldn't get any cheaper...

I bought this metal legged ottoman after I purchased the wood legged otto above and couldn't decide which one I liked better in the space. Once I slip seated it with a great fabric, that matched two of the sofa pillows and complimented the rest, I loved them both.
Metal leg ottoman: $17

Note: Slip seating ottomans is super easy. If you know how to wrap a gift then you will be fine. All you need is a staple gun instead of tape and you are good to go!
 Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the process but I will next time for a better explanation. 

Books and bleached coral finalize the look.

Obviously all those pillows do not sit on the sofa at once but I loved the look for the photo. Having so many options never leaves the family room looking dull.

Tip: When buying large pieces of upholstery go neutral. That way you can change your toss pillows or slip seat covers on your ottomans whenever you want. You will never get bored b/c the fabrics can always be changed. 

Love all of the bright colors against the white walls and natural green background from the woods behind our house.

This upholstered ottoman was a bit more expensive but so worth it! It was the inspiration piece for our master bedroom. The same fabric hangs above our bed acting as a headboard.
Upholstered Ottoman: $139.  

Note: I used extra fabric from a previous job and had the frame upholstered.
 Next plan, Johnna and I are going to learn how to reupholster... we have a TON of ideas and can save a TON of money by doing it ourselves.

Note: See fabric hanging in mirror reflection (same fab as the bench). I used a very thin, inexpensive drapery rod and folded the fab over it to let it hang. I did not need hardware to attach or a seam to slide the rod through. That way if I ever need the fabric for anything else I can simply take it down.      

Side note:
Baby Doak helps me with the photo shoot.
3 months old today! 

he may not be obsessed with toss pillows like I am but...

he had fun with it!

As I said above, every Wednesday I hit up the local thrift store for 1/2 priced furniture. Thursdays posts will be called "Thrift Store Thursdays," and will reveal items that I think have potential to be something great. Eventually those items will be posted (before and after photos) as new and unique pieces. So, check back in tomorrow and see what I find. 

Have a good one! Melis

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