Friday, August 29, 2014

Rowan's Nursery~Where to get it guide!

Happy Friday!
I have been getting a ton of questions about where I got the items for Rowan's nursery!
Well, here you go... 

The first thing I purchased for the room was this light fixture.
 I've always loved the look of a Sputnik fixture and the vintage looking Einstein bulbs made it even better.

Lowes: 18-Light Brushed Nickel Chandelier $198

Love seeing the exposed filament! 

Due to the size of the fixture I had to change the bottom bulbs to small round ones so I didn't walk into them in the middle of the night. The ceiling is 8' and the long Einstein bulbs landed exactly at my height, 5'-8", so I didn't want to chance it. I balanced out the look with adding small bulbs throughout. 

Love it! 

I played around with the window wall a bit. I started with an existing bookshelf we had and displayed some accessories. The metal "RM" letters, Tycho poster (Rowan's 2nd concert-inside my belly), wooden bird, lamp, metal boxes, etc. I really like the look but it wasn't really functional as we needed space for a dresser. 

I found this dresser for $20 while driving around one day. Originally brown I painted it with chalkboard paint and it became a fun little project for Doak and I and it looks great in the space.

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Accessories on dresser:
I found these items thrifting! The globe was free as it was broken and the baby shoes... OMG!

Doak and I had another fun craft day fixing the globe and chalkboard painting the surface. It's cute!

The silver paper mache animal heads were a must have.
 I may have a little obsession with decorative animal heads... you can see them displayed throughout our house.

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At Home:
Ranging from $19-$29

Perfect over the headboard!

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Derek's dad gave Doak a dreamcatcher for over his crib, now bed, and we love it. I knew it was a must have for Rowan's room too. 

We found this at a local Pow wow near our home. The neutral colors are perfect with light cream suede and white and grey contrasting feathers.

Osborne Landing Pow wow: $35

No bad dreams for Ro Ro!

This gorgeous wooden bird was a gift from Dan and Johnna. It was purchased at an art festival in Austin, TX.


I was going to make a mobile but after receiving this I didn't need to. The sharp contrasting design underneath the bird is perfect for Rowan to gaze up and adore.

The bedside table and lamp are from Target... therefore very inexpensive.
The little clock was a thrift find for a couple bucs! 

I have a bit of a pillow problem. I'm a total junkie!

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At Home: Faux Fur white and beige
Marshall's: Grey/White Chevron
TJ Max: Shell (Used by our ring bearer for our wedding!)

Target: Grey X Comforter and Chevron blanket

At Home: Sunburst Mirror $79.99

And another view.

CB2: Grey/White Rug $89.95
At Home: Faux fur rug $39.00 

I love layering rugs and these two were perfect. The design on the Bergama rug from CB2 couldn't be more perfect to play with the accent wall. It is also reversible so if I want to lighten up the space I can do so. The best part is it is an indoor/ourdoor rug. I have a few of these in my home for the simple purpose of function. They are water and stain resistant and so easy to clean!!! 

Clothing is a great way to accessorize too. Especially baby clothes!

All of the pieces hanging on the closet were thrift finds. My Sollybaby Wrap is also hanging... I will post about that later. And the baby hats are from H&M and Gap. 

Dancing Buddha!
I found him thrifting and absolutely loved this guy. Had him hanging around my office until I found the perfect spot spreading some love in the nursery. 

Ikea: Closet Hook

I had this desk in the guest room before the nursery existed and didn't want to get rid of it.
Looks get as a changing table!

Pottery Barn: Bedford Desk $619 

I purchased the desk at a model home sale for $150. Score!  

So there you have it... Hope this helps!

Ben is into the accessories too!

And Bebe clearly made his way right at home...
Baby is staying in our room so I will allow it... for now!
Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!!!

We headed into Pittsburgh in the middle of the night and excited to be with family and friends for the holiday!

Much love,

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