Friday, February 1, 2013

Doak's Turn... Baby Thrift Jackets~

Last week I posted about VA being so cold and went through my Thrift/Vintage Coat Collection. Oddly enough, this week ended up being a, super windy, 70 degree beauty! Doak and I headed outside to do a photo shoot of some of his awesome thrift store finds too!

More importantly, some big changes have come across the Molitor family!
 This week I accepted a position with an amazing Interior Designer I met while presenting at LaDiff's Design Chat and later at the Richmond Designer House.
I am really excited and will post more about this in the next couple weeks!

This means my babe, that has been with me 24/7 for 20 months, will be starting day care next Monday. 
His eyes lite up when we went to check it out. He was over the moon to see toys surrounding the entire room and to be able to babble with little kids around his own age. This week we thrifted, chilled outside for hours, read a bunch of books, sang a million songs, danced to a ton of music and well, all the normal stuff we do, however I was completely in the moment knowing that it was the last time we were going to be spending our weekdays like this for awhile...  
I'm a bit sad but I know we are both ready. 

Tweed Blazer
Thought I'd start of with this tweed blazer because it was FREE! It's a hand-me-down from a little boy that my friend Heather watches. It doesn't fit him just yet but, omg, I love it!
Thanks, Heather!

Der, my hubby, always says Doak is running for mayor of Richmond. He waves, high fives and "pounds" almost everyone he comes in contact with and clearly feels very political in his tweed! 

Denim Hoody Jacket $4
Matches his little Levi sneaks.

Brown Corduroy Blazer $3
Deep thoughts by Doak

Black blazer was $4
What did you eat there, kiddo?

Too big...
but too cute not to show. 

Puffer Vest $3

 I used to have an all navy puffer in high school and loved it...  had to get this one for Doak!

Wind Breaker $2 & Winter Jacket $1.50 
Mom may have a crush on Kelly Green

Baby Toggle  $8
Doak may be over the whole "photo shoot" thing! : )

Sooooooo, I had back up.
Loves ginger snaps just like his daddy.

Can mommy have some?!

Love hanging with my sweet baby boy.

Haha, you're the best! 

Much love,



Terri Houpt said...

Grandma Ed always had Ginger Snaps in her snack drawer. Luv them! And the adorable pics. Congrats on your new job. Luv u guys.

acornmanphotography said...

Adorable! I wish they made that Puffer Vest in my size too!

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

Funny you should that b/c I always call Der a grandpa... he also likes Werther's Originals. haha!

I know Alyson! I want it too. : )