Friday, April 27, 2012

G. V. CLUBHOUSE SNAPSHOTS~ Project in Progress

Greenwich Village is a luxury apartment complex, 10 minutes from VA Beach, that has this awesome clubhouse space (above) where residents can hang or rent out for parties. The clubhouse is not quite finished and the gorgeous pool with an enormous fire pit are still under construction. I have already ordered the beautiful modern outdoor furniture as well as the furniture for the model that I will be decorating in a couple of weeks. 
I am having a great time working on this project and am excited to see everything come together! 








Internet/Library Area

I still need to add a round area rug and books for the shelves.
There is this cool company called, Books By The Foot, where you can purchase books for decorating purposes... by color, vintage, wrapped, or by subject. I think I may do all white books, or maybe aqua? Not sure yet. 
Sales Office
Sales Office

Meeting Area

side note:
Since the job was in VA Beach we had to take advantage...
Dan and Johnna had a blast hanging with Doak while I was working and the weather was perfect so we could hit up the beach the next day. 
Doak is crazy about the beach, thank goodness...
Because mommy is too!

Have a good one!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Adirondack~ Before & After

Doak and I were on another thrift store adventure when we found this baby Adirondack chair for $12.00!

 The before was cute because I love that it was obviously a DIY project from someone else. It just needed a little TLC... some color and an adorable outdoor cushion! 
I am a huge Rust-Oleum fan but could not find a turquoise color... Valspar spray paint had the color I needed and did a great job with coverage. 

The Adi working it...
his back side...
Looking good. 

I added these adorable outdoor cushions from Garden Ridge for super cheap!
It took me awhile to find something small enough for the small scale chair.

Detail: Outdoor/ water resistant cushions 

Attempting to get up...

Checking it out...

He loves it! 

And down, haha. 

We are outside everyday so it's perfect for the yard or on the deck. He's happy about his very own chair.

The day we purchased this baby Adi...

We definitely had Beach on the brain!

Have a good one!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter on the Cheap!

FRIDAY~First Fridays
Easter weekend in Richmond was pretty awesome! 
Some of the fam came down and each day there was some kind of artsy/festival event going on and the best part... for FREE!
 My little niece Abbey, above, went from a Pittsburgh girl to a southern belle in about 1 day. See below. : )

First Fridays Art Walk was the perfect way to introduce the murals that have been popping up all over the city.

Walking around the city hunting for the murals felt like Easter morning early.
To find the rest: G40 GOGGLE MAP

Photo booth pic: 
$4 Donation to VCU or VEE SEE YOU SMILING Photography!

SATURDAY~Maymont's Easter Festival! 
Doak is petting and so confused why Bella, our white cat, is now a giant rabbit.

Made Easter bonnets for only 4 tix. $4!
Bouncy "thingy" for 2 tix. $2!
Tree fun... free! : )

Waiting for the Easter egg hunt.
The cage has opened! 
The hunt.

SUNDAY~Easter on Parade
My mom put this book in my Easter basket when I was a kid and I retrieved it from my baby box to give to Doak for his first Easter. 

Her note to Doak. So awesome. 

I made Abbey a little basket of gloves for the parade and socks from the Target $1 area! So cute and she loved them.
Doak's little bow tie... $1.00 from Target. So cute!

Der, you're cute.


Beauty. Abbey and the eggs.

Hat from Target. $1
Ribbon from my craft room and extra fabrics from the Maymont Festival. 

We made two hats... one for her dolls and one for her to wear to the Monument Ave. parade! 
Target gloves. $1 
Every southern belle needs her white gloves. 
Perfect for the parade. 

Target hat. $1. Extra fab from Maymont bonnet.
Modeling her Easter bonnet for the parade. 
Our hunt

Me- "I see a purple egg, Ab!"
Abbey- "Where!"
: )
Doak on a mission for Easter eggs!
and again.

Our awesome neighbor, Carol, watching the kids hunt... and enjoying Abbey's Easter bonnet! 

Easter Dinner thanks to my sister, Michele!

Ham for days!
Michele made a casserole for the next day and I made another for the week and the ham would not get smaller!
Another money saver.

The infamous Easter Parade on Monument Ave! It's not a typical parade...
 It's the people of Richmond parading around with crazy hats and their dogs dressed in costumes. We saw drag queens, clowns on stilts and magicians throwing fire. It was the perfect for an Easter Sunday in Richmond, Va. 

Ice cream, corn dogs, funnel cake and lemonade. We did it all!

See... good thing are for FREE!!! Love this guy!

Oh, heavens!

Southern Belle.

Bow tie.

The End.

We kept Abbey pretty busy all weekend for under $30... it was a blast!

Have a good one!