Friday, March 9, 2012

Thrift Store Find~ Beach on the Brain!

My family goes to the Outer Banks every summer and I can not wait... 3 more months! The weather was so warm this week that when I went to the thrift store the only items that popped out were pieces perfect for a beach house.

note: I love the idea of a clean white beach house while using natural materials throughout and modern accessories.
 (Example above)


The materials are obviously different from the "Anthro" example but it is still a really cool and unique looking chair.
It would be a great addition to a beach house... would also look great painted a bright color!

Great woven design

Best part: Since it has been sitting for a month it's 1/2 off!

Thrift Price: 20 bucs... not bad!

I have posted about these chairs before but had to show them again... they would be perfect as is or painted w/ some new cushions.

note: There were four of these for $119 total BUT they were gone when I came back to get them.

Chair Detail
This screen is great...
In a bedroom you could hang it and create a really high headboard!

Thrift Price: $36

Screen Detail
Love the metal corners

LOVE, love, love these black lanterns!
They would look great anywhere.

note: These I saw at an antique and were at bit higher @ $45 each. haha, still so cheap! 

                      side note :
One thing I did end up purchasing was this baby Adirondack chair! It will be perfect on our deck this summer.

note: I plan on getting a really cute cushion but can't decide whether or not to stain it or paint it...
I'll be sure to post the before and after.

My side kick! haha.

Have a good one!


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