Friday, March 2, 2012

John's House~ DIY Snapshots

My brother John and his girlfriend Kelsey just got a new place in Charleston, SC. They were inspired by the blog and I've had a lot of fun with them checking out thrift stores, via photo text, and seeing the items that they have found "thrifting" that have potential for their home.

Last weeks post was about the painting above. I had John for "Secret Santa," this Christmas and as his gift he asked me to paint something for a large open wall in his living room.
 So I did... an abstract 4'x4'!


I wanted to add something in the room that matched the colors in the painting. So I grabbed some paint swatches and laid them out in three frames. 

The candle holders where already at the house! It was awesome how perfect the colors were to the palette I had introduced to the space. 

John did an awesome job turning a baby changing table into a bar.
The rustic table in front was sitting in their shed... I wanted to take it home with me!

Chalk Paint!
John made his lady this turquoise framed chalk board, where he marks everyone's scores for games like connect four, corn hole and curse words... 25 cents a curse word adds up. I would know after staying the night there. : )

 And with the left over paint Kelsey had fun painting wine bottles!  

This white desk was once a traditional brown color. John sent me a photo text from the thrift store saying that Kelsey wanted to turn it into her vanity. She also turned this traditional chair into the perfect desk chair by using a bright aqua colored paint and covering the seat with a great patterned fabric.
Love them both! 

Makeup Holders
These glasses were Kelsey's friends junk... she wanted to get rid of them but Kelsey saw potential!

It's all about function and the color is perfection!

Love this turtle/ measuring cups... and Flurry the Betta fish in the thrift store bought HUMONGOUS wine glass! 

                        side note:
As far as DIY was concerned this weekend... we made a point of DIY memories.
No plans, just fun!

Have a good one!

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