Thursday, July 19, 2012

Melis & Johnna's get-ups... on the Cheap!

Last week I did an "Anthro Compare" post with some of my knit dresses. Since we were going out for Johnna's birthday that night I said that I would post some pics of our outfits we wore... I knew Johnna's would be super cheap too!

I wore this ridiculously inexpensive shirt turned dress. It cost $4.50! I bought this "shirt" in an extra large so I could throw a belt around it and create an adorable summer knit dress. I got the belt from a thrift store for a buc and wore my $10 gold gladiators and $2 earrings.
Total: $17.50

Note: That's pretty good compared to the Free People Tunic below... 

Free People
Coachella Valley Tunic: $128

Johnna ended up wearing a $10 Maxi Dress with her denim vest she found in the children's section of the thrift store!
As seen in the photo, she is explaining to me that she had cut off the sleeves and removed the insulation. The baby jean jacket turned badass denim vest costed her $3.00! Her thrift store belt was a buc, $3 earrings and sandals given to her by her sis.
Her total: $17

Note: As you can see below she definitely "nailed it!" 

Free People
M2F Cut off Denim Vest: $128
Euphoric Maxi Dress: $148

Note: We purchased our items before the comparison. We didn't go out looking for these pieces.  

Having some vino before the Neko Case concert...
and you may recognize these mustard beauties that we are sitting on from an earlier post, "Thrift Store Thursdays~ A Simple Love Story."


and "cheersing!"
Happy Birthday, Johnna! 

Thanks for taking pics, Dan... you're the best!

Also, I wanted to say "Happy Sheets Week" to our beautiful friends, Dan and Johnna! 

Husband and wife, Dan and Johnna have birthdays that are exactly 1 week apart. 3 years ago we started "Sheets Week" and have had a blast celebrating with themed parties, a beach getaway and an upcoming "dive bar crawl."

We love you guys!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anthro Dress Compare- Summer knits and lace!

Arched Careena Dress: $158

NOTE: Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters are all owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc. Below I will be comparing dresses from each of these branches.

 My consignment dress
Rumors: $11

Free People
Coachella Valley Tunic: $128

I ended up getting this shirt, I got it in an XL to wear as a tunic dress, for $4.50 after using Rue bucs at Rue 21!
This store is kinda young but so cheap... you definitely have to search. I find that adding my own accessories makes the pieces look more sophisticated.

Pins and Needles Lace Yoke Baby Doll Dress: $59

My baby doll
Forever 21: $24

And of course... Accessories!
Thrift store belt : $1.00

Woven purse
Thrift Store: $3.50

I love mixing different shades of gold.
Bangles, earrings and watch: Gabs, RUE 21 and Target

Another woven purse
Thrift Store: $2.00

Really diggin my new gold watch.

Gold Gladiator Sandals
RUE 21: 2 pairs for $20... so I got them in silver too! 

Excited to go out for Johnna's B-day tonight! 
The girls will be heading out for drinks and then to The National for the Neko Case show! 
Not sure what shoes to wear with my tunic dress... gladiators or my "go to" nude heels?

Note: I'll post pics of us in our outfits because knowing Johnna her get-up will probably be a whopping $5 bucs too! : )

Check out: Melis & Johnna's Get-ups... on the cheap!


Other lace dresses in the collection... perfect for any season and great for layering.

My sweet collection of lace and knits... how I love thee.

Doak confused as to why my clothes are all over the yard.

My little photo shoots are getting a lot harder with a super active 1 yr old... needless to say this one took about 15 minutes before the babe took over! Haha.

Have a good one!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Designer House Bookcase~ Thrift finds!

Paris Loft Open Bookcase - Contemporary living room display case

The Paris Loft Bookshelf from LaDifference is what I will be using for the RSOL Designer House
I am designing a study so I want to make sure the bookshelf is a definite focal point. Therefore the books must look clean on the shelves and not take away from the piece. 

"Luscious Creams"
I was going to use all white books up against the taupe walls from a website called, "Books by the Foot..." 

Basic Book Bundle
Until I saw these bundled books with the exposed binds!
I love the look and thought it could be an easy project for me to do myself.

So I did...

My box of thrift store books!

While I was picking the books that I would be tearing apart to create the look, I was feeling a bit guilty for ruining them. So I made sure that they were outdated and wouldn't be of use in 2012 like this research book from 1997.

The simple beauty of the exposed bind!

Wrapped with a light natural colored twine.

Their backsides are looking pretty cute too.  : )

Love the exposed binds. I think it will create a unique, clean and natural look! And the best part... for super cheap!

I will be adding other books that match the colors that I have selected for the room.

Study Vignette
I needed to start the project early because I thought they would look great in photos for a Richmond Magazine article. These are some of the fabrics I may be using in the study as well. The metal antelope head is my favorite accessory that will also be adding in the space.

I'm excited to get started on the room in August for the opening in September!

Have a good one!