Wednesday, January 4, 2012

R HOME Magazine Jan-Feb Edition!

After participating in a "Designer Chat" in the city I was later approached about a feature in R Home magazine. What a perfect way to start the New Year! 2011 was amazing to me and my beautiful new family and 2012 started with a great spread in the R Home JAN-FEB edition!
I have had a ton of people from out-of-town ask me for a copy so I thought maybe a post would help. 
Brandon Fox-Editor of R Home.
Thank you for the kind words in your, "Editor's Letter." 

From the editor, art editor, writer, and photographer, everyone was so cool and laid back. It made the experience that much better.

The writer, Susan Howson, did an amazing job collaborating everything I was rambling off into an article that read as if she has known me for years.

I must say that this is my favorite part of the article... Doak was as happy as can be to be apart of the photo shoot.
This shot was interesting because the photographer wanted me to walk toward him but of course I blew that in a "I feel so weird being in front of a photographer" kind of way and was walking way too fast... so I had to sway back and forth for him to get this "blurry" effect. 
I had no idea they would take a shot of my little hanging "craft center." I told them I would clean it up but they liked it that way. 

Doak's Nursery
For more details see: Doak's Nursery
Before & After's see: B & A Doak's Nursery

I was excited to reveal that the kitchen island was a Craigslist find and the pot rack was from Target!

We had such a blast being apart of Richmond Magazine R HOME!

To read a partial online article check out: In a New Light

I hope that everyone had an amazing 2011 and has an even better 2012!



Aabell said...

Congratulations! You deserve the spotlight - your ideas are fantastic and are really going to take off, I have a feeling!

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

Thank you! This has been a lot of fun... the blog, a bunch of design projects, the mag, etc. I'm lovin it! Glad you are enjoying it too!