Friday, March 30, 2012

Vintage Circus Party

Last year I saw these masks in the dollar section at Michaels Craft Store. I thought it would be such a cute idea to create a vintage circus party were kids could dress up, adults too if they want, have a photo booth, games, cotton candy and maybe a monkey playing the tambourine, ha!
I never got the masks because I didn't have a baby to throw it for but now I do and the masks are back!

They look so cute in Doak's room above the photo booth sign Johnna made for his baby shower that I'm keeping them up.

The dollar section also had these adorable cards. First things first... Invites!

5 packs/6 in each: $5

Perfect masks for a photo booth!

These masks are awesome! Enough said.

6 masks: $6
Doak has the right idea but in the next photo the mask went right into his mouth. So, since my entire family with be at the Outer Banks this June for his 1st birthday I'm going to save this party for his 2nd year. He'll have more fun when he's a little older.

I love these bags too! My dad has a popcorn machine, thanks to my sisters from last Christmas, and these bags are perfect to put popcorn in for guest. I would also have caramel popcorn with peanuts so they could create their own Cracker Jacks!
oh, and Animal Crackers for the little ones.

5 packages/6 bags in each: $5

I'm a sucker for stamps... had to get them. I'll find something to do with them.

5 stamps: $5

I can bring out Doak's classic looking Jack in a Box's! I found one at a thrift store and Uncle Denny got him the other.

I always make sure my "Thank You" cards match my invites in some way. People probably don't even remember or care but it's one of my things. These are perfect!

5 packages/6 in each: $5

Even the backs are cute on the invites and thank you cards.
It's all about the details.

Overall I spent $26 for a party for 30!

Invites, Thank yous, favor bags, masks, and stamps.
Everything else could definitely be done DIY style. Decorations, food, games, dress Derek up as a clown... I don't need to spend much more except for a monkey.
How much do monkey's run? : )

The items turn fast in the dollar section of Michaels so if you are diggin the circus idea... go now!

Have a good one!


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Anonymous said...

Yes, these are great. I am a set decorator who ran across these as well. I will be planning my son's 1st. birthday party in November and could not believe my luck when I saw these supplies in the dollar section!