Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day~ Breakfast 'n bed!

I have had some people ask me about creative and cheap ideas for Valentine's Day!
What's better than breakfast in bed with a little personal touch? 

Last year this is what my hubby got for breakfast on V-Day and not only was it delicious it was fun to do. I'm not much of a cook, considering burritos and quesadillas are my specialty, but I do love to present meals.
I always say, "Presentation is Everything!"
Well, it should probably taste good too! ; )

Haha, JUST ADD WATER! I told you... not much of a cook.

I used an existing heart shaped cookie cutter, some Pam (on pan and around the cookie cutter) and pancake batter. Simple as pie, well, pancakes. 

Once I saw the bubbles I knew it was time to flip. I used a knife to cut around the edges so the heart wouldn't tear.

Nice golden fluffy but slightly crispy on one side (I love them that way) pancake!

We happened to have a bunch of fruit in the house to make for lovely and colorful sides.
I used a bright pink fabric I had to cover up the boring white tray and a note card that matched the black and white damask plates and cup.

note: The cool thing was that I had everything in the house. I didn't purchase anything. It was fun to come up with the presentation that morning as I was cooking.

tip: if you don't have fabric just lying around, which is understandable, grab a pretty cloth napkin, scarf, etc. 

and the finishing touches... butter and a ton of syrup!

Happy Valentine's Day to all you love birds out there.
Der and I are trying something a little different this year... Acupuncture!
Derek purchase two Groupons, three sessions for each and I'm super excited since the little one is breaking momma's back! He is crawling, climbing, and standing on EVERYTHING... and it's only going to get worse. : )

Have a good one!


P.S. Sunday is not only the Super Bowl but the R.HOME Magazine House Tour

We were asked to have our house be toured for the Jan.-Feb. issue. I wasn't sure how many people would sign up but apparently it was completely booked after the article was posted online before New Years! So needless to say this weekend I will be baking cookies for guest and getting the house ready for Sunday. 

And then, even though the Steeler's aren't playing, I will be making wings, poppers, mozzarella sticks and, of course, quesadilla's for the game that night! 

Have fun everyone! 

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can't wait to hear about the home tour!