Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Ideas on the Cheap!

Photo Cards
I took a bunch of photos of Doak pretty early in the month but before I knew it the month had flown by. I thought I blew it and wouldn't be able to get cards out but Der noticed that CVS had cards you could create online and pick up the same day.
 After 10 minutes and a CVS online discount code we had 20 cards made for family for less than $10. 
I bought these clear balls from Michael's Arts & Crafts and loved the idea of putting the photo card inside for my parents and Derek's parents. They will always have a little piece of Doak's first Christmas to hang up on their trees.

Clear Xmas balls: $1 each

I cut the other side of the card to put on the back of the ball. That way if it spins around on the tree you don't see the back of the photo paper.

Cute and super easy! 

I always add decorative tape to packages and letters (behind balls). I have a collection of different designs with multiple colors from Michael's Crafts. I used a red damask, polka dot, and letter "m's" to the packaging this year.

Decorative Packaging Tape: $1 each

Christmas Forever stamps are really cute this year!

Holiday Decorations
Stocking hung from the chimney with care...
 I know... where is the tree?
 I decided to put the tree in the front room so that you can see it from outside. It looks really pretty when I pull into the driveway at night. Plus, with Doak crawling around like crazy it was the best decision. 

My sister found Doak's first year stocking, the puppy sings and dances, at a consignment shop for super cheap. Thanks Michele!

Kitties need stocking too! : )

Kitty Stocking Stuffers: $1

I wanted to created a modern wreath to go with our interior decor. I bought a wreath and balls from Michael's Crafts. The dolls are from when we went to Mexico. I thought they were a perfect addition to our homemade wreath.

Wreath: $4
Balls: $5
Dolls: $12

Mexican Dolls of Der and I. 
I love them in a creepy kind of way.

Gift Wrapping
I love to wrap and put gift bags together... the mess of paper, bows, tissue, etc. I put the fire on, pour a glass of wine, watch a Christmas movie and get to it! 
If your not careful the wrapping paper, bags, boxes, etc. end up costing almost as much as the gifts! That's why the dollar store is a great place for tissue, bows and solid colored bags you can dress up.

I found these adorable pink and green stockings at Michael's Craft for a dollar each. I bought a bunch for gift cards and candy. 

Reuse gift bags! Johnna gave us our gifts in these adorable paper bags with added details. I added a stocking and matching tissue and now they are ready for someone on my Xmas list. 

Free Santa Photos
I was told about the free Santa photo at Bass Pro as I stood in a long line at a mall that charged a ton money for a few photos with Santa. I complained that I missed the simple Polaroid shot we used to get when we were kids and the couple next to me agreed... so we left for Bass Pro! 

Doak was a bit confused at first but he just went with it... 

I had never been in a Bass Pro Shop before and when I walked in I was blown away. Check this out! I mean, COME ON, this is so awesome. The other malls that cost a ton of money to get a "photo package" are dark and gloomy looking. The interiors had huge windows so natural light was pouring in... it was bright and cheery. I loved it! 

This place is so cool. They have a bunch of different areas for kids to play while waiting for Santa. 

Another shooting game for the kiddos... and me!

The "free Santa photo tactic" for getting people in the store worked because now I know what to tell Der to get me for Christmas. Ha! 

 Free Festive Activities 
Richmond is the "Capital of Tacky Lights!" We even made CBS news! Check out the story
If you live in the area, especially if you have kids, it would be crazy not to check out some of the homes that are all lite up.

note: Home in these photos: Strath Rd. a few blocks from our house.
Christmas music is blasting and the homeowners are so nice!
It is the perfect way to start the holiday season for absolutely nothing... except a little gas money considering there are so many participants throughout the city. So fun! 


I hope everyone has an amazing holiday... we are heading to PA on Thursday and so excited to see family and friends.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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I'm so jealous that I didn't receive that card this year. No fair. -Shannon Fouts