Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fiesta for Olivia!

My little sister, Erin, is having her first baby... it's a girl! I was so excited to throw her a baby shower that was different, bright and beautiful! Since she is due at the end of June I thought that a "Fiesta for Olivia," would be perfect on Cinco de Mayo!

So, first things first... INVITES! 
I had trouble finding Fiesta invites that weren't "cheesy."
So I found these colorful blank card on sale at Target and bought a, "It's A Shower," stamp and created my own Cinco de Mayo invitations.

Below are snapshots of the process... be ready for a lot of COLOR!
I thought it would be cute to add a little umbrella in each invite but the postman said I would have to send each as a package costing way to much. 

My first round of accessories for the party!

I bought these craft rings to tie colorful streamers and hang from the trees.
(See photos below)

I found these beautiful colored bottles from the $1 section from Micheals!
I added them to my own bottle collection for center pieces on the tables.

Even though the stamps were for Chinese New Year I loved all the bright colors.

This is the aftermath of a long night of elves, Me, my sister, brother and his girlfriend, oh and another invisible visitor, creating decorations for me to hang the next morning. 

Colorful Cacti

Colorful soda

Flavored soda... Derek was in heaven!

I folded decorative scrapbook paper to create the flags hanging from the fence. My amazing aunt Barb stapled all the flags in place on the twine and hung them for me! Thanks, Barb! 

Bottle Centerpieces

Baby pinatas stuffed with lottery tickets instead of candy for Adult game prizes

Tissue lanterns
Front yard

Der and his blue "pop" creeping through the trees. haha. 

My mom had it catered and it was delicious! Beef, chicken and shrimp taco bar, jalapeno cornbread, corn, rice, chips... 

She also made these gorgeous floral table pieces. Love how the leaves are wrapped around the vase in the water.
For outside too!

2 Stacked... love them! 


Fun with "staches."
For the next 8 pics...

and last but not least... eyebrow staches for Uncle Denny.

"Stache some candy for later" at the candy bar.

Baby Nico takes a shot.
Morgan finally breaks it!
and now it has no legs.

What's a fiesta without Margarita's and Sangria?!
and Mexi Cola!

Flavored Pop n'at!
I threw down a few Mexican blankets perfect for hanging out on what was a perfect 75 degree and sunny day.

Lounging on the blankets with my sister, Megs.



Hangin out.

Photo booth prep

Love these!

The momma to be looks beautiful!
Sweet Abbey!

Baby Nico and his pinwheel

Me and my little senoritas!

And the fiesta continues throughout the night...

These lanterns were given to us by Erin as a gift for throwing her shower!

I had a great time with this shower from beginning to end. It was such a fun theme and I got to play with a ton of beautiful colors and decorations. Doesn't take much for me. haha.

Have a good one!


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