Friday, September 26, 2014

Sweet Dreams for Baby Sheets!

Dan and Johnna are having a baby... due date is Halloween and I couldn't be more excited!
Gifts from the Sheets' for our little ones are almost always handmade and so thoughtful. So when I saw the nursery I knew a handmade dreamcatcher would be the perfect touch! 

Unlike last weeks post with a playful DIY Dreamcathcher for baby Declan I went completely authentic.

With their collection of all things natural; rocks, shells, feathers and Johnna's handmade beaded mobile, in the space it only made sense.   

Dan has an amazing collection of feathers. 
So I asked him to give me three of his favorites for baby "C!"

Red Tail Hawk



I used colors to go with the feathers selected and the nursery.

Natural colored waxed sinew for my the web and suede to wrap the ring.

 This was my favorite part... no web will ever look alike.
 My special web made just for baby Sheets.

Fits right in with the Molitor collection.
Doak's on the right from Pap pap and Rowan's on the left from the Powwow! 

Amazing feathers

Catcher collage

Of course I had to add some moccs!

These authentic moccs were a thrift store find!

And these comfy baby moccs... so cute!

Love how they matched the Red Tailed Hawk on the dreamcatcher. : )

This sweet sweater is a hand-me-down from Doaky. He wore this when he "modeled" as a lamb in R.Home Mag! The coolest part is Dan's art was in the feature as well.

Again, another thrift find!

Side note: I don't normally give thrift finds as gift but I know Johnna wouldn't have it any other way. 

My collection for baby Sheets.

Last but not least this pic that Dan took of mom-to-be. Beautiful.

Note to baby girl Sheets~

The fun part... I love to wrap!

To tie it all together... in burlap chevron!

The gift is complete.

Can't wait for this baby!
The "C" is an initial for a name option I am crazy about although it has not been decided yet. I will keep it under wraps until it is official!

We love baby Sheets!

Much love,

Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY Dreamcatcher

Derek's father gave Doak a dreamcatcher when he was born. 
(See Post: Doak's "Big Boy" Room)
 I loved this gift and realized... what a great comfort for a child to tell them they will have sweet dreams because the web will catch any harm that comes their way.

Although the items I'm using aren't sacred its the idea that holds true and I appreciate the art of the ancient legend.

I'm on a mission to take away nightmares for all little ones! : )

This is my playful catcher. My friend Ashley's little one, Declan, has a big boy room now and I know how that can be scary for them when they have to move on and be brave to sleep without barriers. So he gets a dreamcatcher!

Her color palette are the colors above. I grabbed some paint swatches to create the feathers and arrowheads. 

Some leather string, wooden beads and hand cut feathers.

I kept the metal craft ring exposed instead of wrapping it for a modern look.

Love this little guy.

Playful feathers
Arrow heads and beads

Looks great in Rowan's room...
and Doak's room too!
Sweet dreams for baby Declan!

Much love,

Friday, September 12, 2014

Doak's "Big Boy" Room!

Doak's turn!
Doak's the big brother now and he has the bedroom to prove it.

I posted about Doak's nursery in 2011 and a lot has changed since then. Check out these post to see Before and After, Doak's Nursery and his room featured in R.HOME Magazine.

The following photos show the changes that happened in only three short years... the little details that show Doaky's personality!

Where once sat a crib is now a platform bed!

And a sweet guitar from Mike and Karen!

Playing some tunes and sporting his bead necklace he made.


and jammin.

Every kid has to have a keyboard.

And a handmade afghan from Jenny! 

Long Live Doak!

Snow cap and Steelers mittens!
P.S. Not to thrilled about losing to the Ravens last night!

Beach sign with his favorite vehicle... the VW bus. We have a collection from different places we have visited.

Carpet Sample Art!

Mirror view of textured carpet wall

Doak Walker
"The Little Guy Who Fooled The Pros."
Original Magazine from the 1950's

Birds in the sky

His sweet Teepee from a local powwow.

The key to a keeping a child's room tidy... cool baskets!


Handmade quilt from Johnna.
Comforter from Target.

Dream Catcher from pap pap Tom.
 Always sweet dreams for Doaky Bear!

His best sleeping bud from Grandma TT!

Instagram laundry

We had these photos hanging on the mantel for his 2nd birthday party.

See Post: Doak Fest 2012

His music wall has only started to grow... we have a Father John Misty and Tycho poster to add (his favorite artists). We listened to Bon Iver constantly when he was first born... put him right to sleep.

Photo Booth sign made by Johnna for his baby shower

See Post: Doak's Baby Shower

Windy tree wall decal.
 The calm before the storm... my favorite part.

Much love,