Friday, October 7, 2011

Doak's Nursery

Sleepy baby
I am continuing Tuesdays post "Orange Rocker" with a complete look at Doak's nursery and decided to dedicate the next couple posts to him since he turns 4 months old today! 
He has inspired me to be super creative while staying on a budget. Between the details in his room and his baby showers there were a ton of great DIY ideas that I would be glad share.   

Color scheme
Wall Color: Stormy Cove-Valspar
Fitting for the theme, "Calm Before the Storm."
Accent colors: Chocolate, orange and avocado.

Click here for details about the Orange Rocker
This little bird was made from the extra discontinued fabric samples used for the quilt in the pic below. Both were a gift made by Johnna... so amazing!

The carpet samples below are perfect for functional art. They add tons of color and texture for the baby to touch and feel.   

Bella hanging out on a Target area rug. The colors are perfect and I found it in clearance for $30!

Large DIY mirror for super cheap! $12 total

tip: I hung nine mirror tiles and added round natural wood discs to each corner to complete the look. The dresser, tables and futon are natural colored wood so this was a great way to tie it all together. 

I absolutely LOVE the wall decals from Dali Decals. The tree was the first idea for the room. Everything else just grew from there.
I mixed two different decals to get this look. I used the tree decal with the birds flying to create a windy storm effect.

The nursery is a great place to display our Jack poster that we got at his concert... tix were a birthday gift from Der. : )

note: Photo booth sign was used at Doak's baby shower. I will definitely post photos of the baby shower as well... DIY decorations and really cute ideas from the party planner, Johnna Sheets.

 Pillows on IKEA futon: Giraffe print pillows made with discontinued fabric samples. Circle pillows made with fabrics left over from a design job.

note: Kitty plaques below were made by Johnna and Dan Sheets. They are so cute and are a perfect way to bring our kitties, Bebe, Bella, and Ben, into the decor. 

I used three birch colored LACK side tables from IKEA for only $10 each. I placed storage bins underneath for books and toys. I liked the table idea instead of a bookshelf because he can use them to play on and the will eventually become his nightstand on either side of his full size bed.

note: His crib turns into a full headboard and footboard. Always thinking about function for the future. 

 Discontinued fabric
samples worked out
 perfect for
wall art, pillows and a gorgeous
I used wood hooks with his initials, Doak Walker Molitor, for his hat collection. Found them at Michael's in the dollar section!

FILLSTA Lighting fixture from IKEA
LOVE the bird decals on the ceiling

I used the 6 drawer Malm Dresser from IKEA and added a changing cushion instead of getting a changing table so that he can use it throughout his teens.

note: Doak is crazy about the carpet samples above, as you can see, so changing his diaper is simple because there is something to grab his attention. 

I use a $12 laundry drying rod to hold his cloth diapers. They are conveniently placed next to the "changing table" and add a bit of color.

Best part: We are saving money, saving some room in the landfills and he looks adorable in them.

                        side note: 
 In this photo I was 8 months pregnant and SO ready to meet him!

 I can not believe he is 4 months old already. He is growing and learning so fast. I am always entertained by him especially when he laughs. He thinks I'm hilarious... he'll realize the truth soon enough. I am so in love.

Have a good one!

Babies up! : )


acornmanphotography said...

I just love what you have done with Doak's room! I always show others how creative you are!

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

Thank you so much! I figured if I have to be in there a lot, feeding, changing and playing, I better love it too. : )

Wise Decor said...

Wow Doak's room really looks quite lovely. Thanks for giving me a brilliant idea, I think I now know what to do with my son's room. thanks