Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrift Store Thursdays~ "Oh, heavens!" L of J Thrift

For those of you that know me, know that "Oh, heavens!"
(in a Wisconsin accent) is a common phrase in my day to day life!
So, needless to say when I entered, "Love of Jesus Thrift Store," I said it quite a bit... seemed fitting. ; ) 
L of J has a huge shelf full of colorful patterned fabrics.

note: The ideas are endless when fabrics are around so it's smart to go through the selection and pick out the fabrics you like just to have. They cost next to nothing and next time you are feeling creative or need a gift for someone, the fabs may come in handy. 

Loved the look of this vintage metal tray high chair... would I put Doak in it? Ahhh, no!

note: I played around with it a bit and it seemed as if it could fold up with any slight moment. 

Metal lockers are a unique way to store coats, books , etc.
The industrial look would be perfect in a warehouse studio or loft. 

I love this yellow headboard minus the stencil design in the center. This would look great in any color and the strong curved design would "pop" on any bedroom wall. 

This super intricate dresser would look amazing in a bohemian style bedroom as is or again, could be painted any color.

note: Below are some matching mirrors to the pieces above. Although I like them I would not put them in the same room. It would make the room look too "matchy-matchy!" 

There were also a bunch of these old antique vanities. They have a lot of character and would look great in an eclectic or even a modern bedroom. 

another vanity...
and another! 

                        side note: 
Got to love thrift store colored upholstery... oh, heaveeeens!

Happy thrifting!

Have a good one,

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