Friday, September 12, 2014

Doak's "Big Boy" Room!

Doak's turn!
Doak's the big brother now and he has the bedroom to prove it.

I posted about Doak's nursery in 2011 and a lot has changed since then. Check out these post to see Before and After, Doak's Nursery and his room featured in R.HOME Magazine.

The following photos show the changes that happened in only three short years... the little details that show Doaky's personality!

Where once sat a crib is now a platform bed!

And a sweet guitar from Mike and Karen!

Playing some tunes and sporting his bead necklace he made.


and jammin.

Every kid has to have a keyboard.

And a handmade afghan from Jenny! 

Long Live Doak!

Snow cap and Steelers mittens!
P.S. Not to thrilled about losing to the Ravens last night!

Beach sign with his favorite vehicle... the VW bus. We have a collection from different places we have visited.

Carpet Sample Art!

Mirror view of textured carpet wall

Doak Walker
"The Little Guy Who Fooled The Pros."
Original Magazine from the 1950's

Birds in the sky

His sweet Teepee from a local powwow.

The key to a keeping a child's room tidy... cool baskets!


Handmade quilt from Johnna.
Comforter from Target.

Dream Catcher from pap pap Tom.
 Always sweet dreams for Doaky Bear!

His best sleeping bud from Grandma TT!

Instagram laundry

We had these photos hanging on the mantel for his 2nd birthday party.

See Post: Doak Fest 2012

His music wall has only started to grow... we have a Father John Misty and Tycho poster to add (his favorite artists). We listened to Bon Iver constantly when he was first born... put him right to sleep.

Photo Booth sign made by Johnna for his baby shower

See Post: Doak's Baby Shower

Windy tree wall decal.
 The calm before the storm... my favorite part.

Much love,


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