Friday, October 26, 2012

C & J's Wedding in the Woods...

My best bud from college, Carly, got married to one of the coolest guys out there. They flew to Honduras, got hitched and came back and threw a wedding reception on Catoctin Mountain. Cabins, food and drinks were taken care of for everyone for the entire weekend... so cool! The weather was perfect and the people... amazing.

And yes, I was in charge of Decor! I was excited and determined to take on this boy scout cafeteria and make it into a beautiful wedding reception!

I sent this dress to Car to wear during her ceremony in Honduras. It fit her like a glove and she looked stunning. I had to make sure it was hung for everyone to see and it was perfect hanging from branches found at the camp!

Car made these awesome favors. I took 2!
I loved the way they looked on the gift table over the crocheted table cover. 

I had this piece of art made for them by my great artist friend,
Eddie Plachecki aka Red All Over!
Made from an old window frame, the photo from Honduras looks perfect with Eddie'
s trademark halo which emulates a beautiful sunset.

Decor projects below! 
My tools... I take them everywhere.  
Thanks, Melis Livengood for being so tall and all of your help!
Everyone was all about helping out for the event. Friends, roommates, parents and even Melissa's husband fluffed paper pom poms for me! haha. 

Lanterns were hung throughout the woods to help guests find there way back to there cabins...

And to direct guest to the fire pit...
 Looked so amazing at night!
Carly and I planned on spray painting 25+ pumpkins white, hollowing them out and drilling holes to created beautiful lanterns. The spray paint was MIA so these guys started a pumpkin carving station... It was a huge hit!
I made a sign and they took over from there!
The guys hollowed out the centers of the pumpkins so people could get a head start on their lanterns. 

Hilarious & Creepy. Love it.

Pumpkins and decorative paper bags lined the entry for guests.
The carving station created decor that landed everywhere throughout the night... it was awesome.

Lights down... party started! 

Carly & Jake dancing...


And after all of the dancing subsided we headed down to the fire pit. The sounds of guitar and bongos took over and even a little vocals from the bride! 

   We had such an amazing time! 
We love you guys! 


Side Note
Morn'in Ma'!

While most of the guest stayed in cabin we ended up staying in the extra dining hall next to the wedding reception area. It was pretty awesome because we could hang out with everyone while keeping our eye on Doak while he napped... otherwise we would have had to stay in a cabin in the woods to watch him. The blasting heaters and indoor bathroom helped too!

We woke up earlier on the day of the wedding and went for a walk... kept him in his footy pajama's.  : )
I wish I was wearing them too.

So beautiful out there.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Don't you step on my "baby" suede shoes...

Fall for me means changing leaves, great festivals, Halloween and BOOTS!
I have a killer pair of suede boots that I wear religiously, as you can see in the pics on right side of my blog, but this post is about BABY boots and shoes.

 Babies grow out of their shoes so fast it seems silly to me to pay real money!
se suede moccasins above: $5.99

I bought them for my niece, Olivia!
She is wearing the cutest Indian costume for Halloween.

ANTHROLOPOGIE always has amazing boots and booties and they didn't skimp on these suede moccasins this fall! 


I found these little "Ugg" looking boots too for $1.99 and sent those home to Olivia just in case her moccasins are too big. 

I found these thrifting while I was pregnant with Doak and almost died when I saw them!
The brown suede shoes were $3.99 and the green ones were $2.99. Ridic!

Love the laces!

Comfy insides too.

I couldn't stop taking pics of all of these tiny shoes!

So cute.

Last Fall, Doak at 6 months old, we did a little photo shoot with the green pair.
He seemed to like them from the looks of these pics... 

And again.

He grew out of them in about a month, haha.
Happy Fall! 

I could not be more excited to head to the mountains of Maryland to celebrate my beautiful friends, Carly and Jake's, wedding reception this weekend. We are leaving in a few hours!!!
They have rented out the entire campsite for a weekend of playing, eating, drinking, and just FUN!

As if the amazing fall backdrop isn't going to be beautiful enough we will be painting pumpkins, hanging lanterns and much more for decor. 

Check back next Friday to see pics!   

Camp Greentop - Cabins at Catoctin Mountain Park

Have a good one.