Friday, September 28, 2012

"Anthro" Compare~Modern Taxidermy!


Before I ever saw these amazing creations, from Zoe Williams, I made my own modern version of a taxidermy piece. I created the look with my recycled aluminum antelope head and used an ornate frame to represent the mount. 

My taxidermy creation (See Below) $43.00!

                       Photo Credit: MARK GORMUS from RICHMOND TIMES~DISPATCH


I found an ornate mirror like this... 

at an antique store that I frequent for...


I popped out the mirror and knew I wanted to paint the frame...

I spent a couple bucs on spray paint when I realized later that it needed to be painted the same color as the mantle below. The spray paint was a little bit "creamier" then I would have liked and using the semi-gloss mantle paint looked perfect and didn't take away from the traditional mantle where it is hung at the Richmond Designer House.  

This was the plan for the accent wall, fireplace wall, at the Designer House.
I was going to redo the original tiles with these stainless steel tiles. I am so glad I didn't! The Kartell Ghost Chairs that are placed in front of the fireplace are a perfect way to show off the traditional tiles with a modern twist!

I can't reveal the Designer House room just yet!
There are a couple more weeks of tours and we would love to have you stop by.
We are having a blast!

Have a good one!


Friday, September 21, 2012

K & L's New York Wedding

Our great friends, Kavir & Libby, got married in NYC last weekend!
From the Rustic Barnyard wedding 2 weeks ago to this Modern Indian wedding I have been overwhelmed with beauty and creativity on a very large spectrum.

The wedding was located at Studio 450. The ceremony was on the roof top terrace, cocktail hour in the penthouse and the reception in an open and very modern loft space. AMAZING!

I had the pleasure of helping the bride and groom with the space planning and table settings. It was amazing to see everything come together as well as some special surprises... the Indian ceremony was gorgeous!

I don't need to say much... here are some shots of the beautiful and windy wedding day! 



Shoes off.
No more pics... now dancing!

Have a good one! 

Here are some other scenes from the weekend. 

From our hotel room


Rehearsal Dinner/Party


Lunch at George's


Friday, September 14, 2012

Richmond Designer House 2012~Sneak Peek!

Lucy Pendant~LaDiff

Cable Spool~Free!

Bookshelf Details

Bookshelf Detail

Wallpaper Accent Wall~The Rue

Antelope Head~Doak's Favorite!

Diamond Mirror~LaDiff


Art Work~Dan Sheets

Designer House GALA... 

before the dancing and gallivanting!

My beautiful mom touring... 

My handsome father "cheersing!"


& Some of the lovely designers posing.
It has been a pleasure meeting all of you.

The house looks amazing!

Off to NYC today for Kavir & Libby's wedding weekend...
So excited!!!
 They asked me to help with the design of the space and table settings. 

I was ecstatic especially after seeing the bones of this super modern penthouse loft with a rooftop terrace.
I will be posting the details next Friday but for now
check it out: 

Kavir & Libby's Wedding Ideas

Have a good one!