Friday, September 14, 2012

Richmond Designer House 2012~Sneak Peek!

Lucy Pendant~LaDiff

Cable Spool~Free!

Bookshelf Details

Bookshelf Detail

Wallpaper Accent Wall~The Rue

Antelope Head~Doak's Favorite!

Diamond Mirror~LaDiff


Art Work~Dan Sheets

Designer House GALA... 

before the dancing and gallivanting!

My beautiful mom touring... 

My handsome father "cheersing!"


& Some of the lovely designers posing.
It has been a pleasure meeting all of you.

The house looks amazing!

Off to NYC today for Kavir & Libby's wedding weekend...
So excited!!!
 They asked me to help with the design of the space and table settings. 

I was ecstatic especially after seeing the bones of this super modern penthouse loft with a rooftop terrace.
I will be posting the details next Friday but for now
check it out: 

Kavir & Libby's Wedding Ideas

Have a good one! 



eRiN said...

Melissa - the room is gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you did with that amazing penthouse space!!

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

Thanks, Erin! Wedding was a blast... and beautiful. I'll post on Friday! I can't get enough of your wedding photos. They are like a Free People/Anthro ad.