Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Doak's Nursery~ Before and Afters

I started Doak's Nursery last February... so that makes me 6 months pregnant in this photo. I was full of energy and ready to put my ideas into action. Here are some before and after photos of the room and some of the projects done for the space. 
Before we found out we were expecting the space was used as a generic guestroom. There wasn't much to it because I knew that soon it was going to be a nursery! 

I used Valspar paint from Lowes.
Valspar has a zero VOC line of 

paint, which is ideal for pregnancy.
Color: Stormy Cove
Cleared out the furniture and ready to paint! 

I knew before I had any idea of what the sex of the baby was that this tree decal was going to be apart of the nursery regardless. It is 7 feet tall! 
I bought it from Dali Decals. They have an amazing selection of decals that are affordable, although the price went up on this one. Tall Trees with Leaves Blowing in the Wind.

tip: The decal is hung in multiple pieces because of its large size. 

Here is a video on how to install:
Tree Decal Installation
You should definitely watch... it was so helpful!


and bella, again!

You get to choose a color for the tree stump/branches and 2 accent colors for the leaves.
I used Stump/branches: Dark Bown
Accent Leaves: Matte Orange and Matte Olive

tip: They offer a great Pantone Color Chart that you can order for $2 before picking the perfect colors. 

I also loved the Flying Birds Decal as well and thought it would be cool to have them intertwined. This decal was super cheap... a set of 30 birds for $29!

note: The theme of the nursery is, The Calm Before the Storm. The look I wanted was accomplished with a dusty blue colored sky, leaves blowing off the branches and the birds 
flying into the distance, before the storm comes, on the painted ceiling

Here are a bunch of discontinued fabric samples that I knew I wanted to make a quilt out of but Johnna Sheets took over the project and wanted to make it as a gift for the baby. It was such a relief considering she can sew and I can't.
 She is amazing! 

First we picked all of the samples I wanted to use and laid them out to make sure the patterns all worked together. 

Johnna went to Joann Fabrics to get a fleece backing fabric and stuffed it with cotton batting to create a super soft and gorgeous quilt. 

Such a special gift... Doak will have this for the rest of his life and maybe pass it down to his little one some day. 

More discontinued and extra fabrics to create toss pillows! 
After a sewing lesson from Johnna, on my own sewing machine, we made these! Haha, I need to start sewing more.

These pillows are on the futon in the babies room. They look great! 

Here I hung discontinued fab samples to frame Doak's initials hooks. There were thin silver rods that hung the samples on the rack. I kept them so it would be an easy and decorative way to hang them. 

side note:

Johnna and I worked day and night to get the nursery painted. Actually we were pleasantly surprised how fast it took... about 4 hours. We listened to an old school playlist and "rocked" it out... literally. Good times!

Have a good one!

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