Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrift Store Thursdays~ Mid-century Modern

This week Johnna and I checked out a new (to me) thrift store, Good Samaritan, and the deals were even better than the Goodwill. There was a ton of furniture to look through and Johnna hit the jackpot in the "storage department." (See "side note" below)

As I looked around I spotted quite a bit of Mid-century modern looking pieces. Like this, ridiculously inexpensive, amazing sofa!

I love the clean lines with chrome legs and the fabric, white and grey threads, was really nice too! I wanted to buy it so badly considering if I were to buy something like this new it would easily be over $1,000. It was hard to pass up... but where would I put it? Johnna called a friend to see if she was interested... we were determined to get this gem into a good home. : )

The best part...

note: for those who are unfamiliar with Mid-century modern furniture, it is a design style from the 50's and 60's that is marked by simplicity, clean lines and organic forms. 

These "bar" stools are amazing. They were so unique and must have been in a dentist office at some point because there were dentist chairs next to them with the exact same "robins egg" blue leather seats.
These were a bit more expensive at $65 ea.  

This buffet is great looking, as is, or with a new coat of white paint. I love the asymmetric drawers and the super clean lines.   

Great orange stackables... love the chrome legs!

side note: 
Johnna and I found a ton of great items for her brothers new place in D.C. The back of my SUV was filled with chests, a metal storage box, and frames similar to the ones found in my "Framed Fabrics" post. She plans on hanging them up without anything in them similar to the look of the Anthropologie mirrors below for $698!

The entire trunk cost $34 bucs!

Have a good one! 
oh, and Happy Birthday Mom! 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glass Vessels

I never thought of myself as a collector, as a matter of fact I actually dislike decorative "tchotchkes" or "knick knacks," but as I looked around my home I notice I have a lot of bottles...
When I go to thrift and antiques stores I always check out the bookshelves full of gorgeous, colorful and some very old glass vessels.
I bought this box from an antique store to showcase some of the bottles I have found over the years. I was drawn to the old wood panels and silver metal frame but when I read the description on side of the box I was sold.

note: The box was an old milk crate from a local farm.
Description on the side of the box:

These two are my favorite. The bottle caps are rusted and the glass has a film that only age could have created.

I'm a huge fan of the cork stoppers too! 

These vessels are a lot larger in scale and frame the fireplace perfectly. They each have a different textured glass.

note: Best part about these gorgeous vases is they were from Ross. Prices varied from $18-$28 ea. 

Antique store shot: Tons of old bottles... colored, labeled and clear glass.

Thrift store shot: Shelves and shelves full of glass bottles, carafes, glasses, etc.

note: bottles add interest and color. Best part... they are cheap! Rarely do you spend over $3 for a bottle.  

side note: 
Ben checking out the bottle box... and yes, he has attempted to get in. 

Even wine bottles look "cool" and add color to your kitchen or dining area... and yes, I picked the bottled b/c I liked the designs of the labels, haha!
note: Lucky Duck has a different color for each type of wine and only cost $4!
Metal wine bottle holder from IKEA only $5.

Happy Thrifting!
Have a good one! Melis

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall... cont'd.

Furniture was slim pickings at the thrift store yesterday so I decided to continue the "Mirror, mirror on the wall" post from Tuesday. As I said before... I LOVE mirrors! I use them as art to reflect architecture or windows to create more light and open up small spaces.   

I also love the different textures and widths from the mirror frames and the large 8x10 photo frame on my desk.
note: I bought the frame for $8 at a thrift store, Second Debut, in Carytown!
 tip: Use silver and charcoal colors that vary. It creates more depth and interest. 

I bought this tin tile mirror for $30 at a model home clearance center sale! The large freestanding mirror in the reflection was $45 at the same place. Amazing deals considering mirrors can be very expensive.

tip: The tin color was cream so I used a silver metallic Rust-Oleum spray paint to play off the charcoal paint color I used on the office accent wall in the mirrors reflection.

tip: Shop Model Home Sales... they are amazing b/c the furniture has never been used!

note: For those who are unfamiliar w/ "model homes" they are the houses that builders put up in a new development to show potential buyers how the homes could look completely furnished and decorated. 
I used to work for a model home company, Model Home Interiors... it was so much fun to get a floor plan and design an entire home, top to bottom, for a "fake" family. 
 side note:
Another mirror plus!
Babies LOVE to look at their reflection... great way to stop a fussy babe from crying. ; )

Bella always finds her way into my photo shoots.

Have a good one! Melis

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Adventure! Mirror, mirror on the wall...

This weekend Doak, my babe, and I set off for an adventure to local yard sales...
On our first stop I felt like I was on an episode of Picker Sisters,(If you haven't seen the show, watch it~ my dream job!) b/c of this shed full of junk that spilled out into the yard.
However, it got cut short b/c of a storm... so we continued to shop indoors at our local flea market and antique mall.  

1st Find 
I LOVE mirrors! I use them as art. They are the perfect accessory in Interior Design.
tip: Hang mirrors to reflect interesting architecture, reflect windows to create more light and open up small spaces. Like my toss pillow and ottoman obsession, add mirrors to the list. I have a ton that I have painted and displayed throughout our home. 

(I will post later)

Turquoise mirror
tip: The yard sale mirror would look great painted a turquoise color and hung on a white wall, like this example, or vice versa. 

Made it into the flea market before the rain!
This building is HUGE (over 200 booths), music was blasting and food was cooking... needless to say I didn't find much. 

I saw this mirror and considered buying it and painting it a dark charcoal or silver color to place on a white wall in my office.
tip: $25 but... I negotiated and got her down to $12!
Always negotiate at flea markets... the sellers expect it! 
*Didn't buy but may go back next weekend.
Chantilly Vines Mirror

I thought this vintage cigarette machine was awesome. I can see this in an industrial loft or studio space.
note: It could be used in a guys bedroom as a mirror, since guys don't need a table top, just throw your comb in the cig dispenser. It's cool... I like!  

Next we stopped at the antique mall...  every inch is packed w/ antiques. Row, after row, after row...
note: I love this place but it could be very overwhelming to others. You have to be able to see through all of the craziness and really focus in on the quality pieces. 
And again... more mirrors.
tip: Instead of a wall gallery of photos... try it with mirrors. Pick mirrors with unique, textured frames. Paint them funky colors or keep it clean and simple.

Pretty example!

                                                                                   side note:       
1st stop: Yard Sale 11:30 am
Stole this pic of the table full of
Miller High Life (champagne of beers) and Moonshine!
They actually asked me if I wanted a shot of moonshine while I had Doak hanging off my arm in his car seat, haha.. No thanks! 

Wow, too funny!

Check back for Thrift Store Thursdays!
Have a good one! Melis

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrift Store Thursdays~ "Anthro" Comparisons

Amelie Sofa

Thrift Store Sofa

tip: Imagine a black or white lacquer frame w/ a gorgeous funky fabric to turn this ridiculously traditional sofa modern and fun.

Our next goal: Johnna and I are going to learn how to re-upholster. With so many ideas and opportunities to create beautiful furniture for so cheap it would be insane not to. It is going to take a lot of practice and patience but completely worth it in the end.

  note: The sofa was dropped off on Sept. 8th. If I wait a month I can get it 1/2 off! The only problem, someone else may buy it!
We will see if it is still there next week. 

Henri Dining Chair
$168 ea

(Set of 6) $160  
I absolutely love these bamboo chairs. My first instinct was to paint them a interesting color. When I went on "Anthro's" website I saw the Henri Chair and couldn't believe the similarities. The colors above are perfect!

tip: Use Rust-Oleum Spray paint... great colors and super easy! 

I also like the design on the seat. The paint will show the texture even better. 

Not an "Anthro" bed but I love the look. 

tip: This metal headboard has a lot of potential. I like it the natural metal color but I can also see it bright white or fuchsia for a guest or girls room.

$230 for everything. Not bad!

Another good trip...

Have a good one! 


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thrift Store Find~ Green Upholstered Chair!

If you read last weeks post, Thrift Store Thursdays, you know that I found this chair for $38! I was so happy with this great "find" that I had Johnna Sheets buy one as well. This post shows how the chairs look in both of our spaces. We love them!

Had fun trying different toss pillows and deciding which ones looked best. (I can always switch it up if I get bored)
The fuschia patterned pillow...

The green and cream circle patterned pillow...

or the white shell pillows?

I decided on the white shell pillows. Not only does the pearly shine look beautiful against the green color, they have meaning. Our ring bearer used one of the pillows in our wedding. There are other pieces of decor from our beach wedding in our bedroom so everything blends perfectly.  

Derek, my hubby, said that it creates a separate living room area and completes the room. Everyone's happy! 

Her partner sits in Dan and Johnna Sheets' home. 

Looks awesome w/ Dan's art work and the existing furniture they have in their home. A modern black leather sofa and an antique locker are just some pieces that will compliment the chair in the living room. 

side note:
baby Doak LOVES the new chair... perfect for breastfeeding!  

and so does Bebe, or eldest kitty. I dropped it off in my office for not even five minutes before I went back to get it and there he was as comfortable as can be.

Check back tomorrow for Thrift Store Thursdays!

Have a good one, Melis