Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall... cont'd.

Furniture was slim pickings at the thrift store yesterday so I decided to continue the "Mirror, mirror on the wall" post from Tuesday. As I said before... I LOVE mirrors! I use them as art to reflect architecture or windows to create more light and open up small spaces.   

I also love the different textures and widths from the mirror frames and the large 8x10 photo frame on my desk.
note: I bought the frame for $8 at a thrift store, Second Debut, in Carytown!
 tip: Use silver and charcoal colors that vary. It creates more depth and interest. 

I bought this tin tile mirror for $30 at a model home clearance center sale! The large freestanding mirror in the reflection was $45 at the same place. Amazing deals considering mirrors can be very expensive.

tip: The tin color was cream so I used a silver metallic Rust-Oleum spray paint to play off the charcoal paint color I used on the office accent wall in the mirrors reflection.

tip: Shop Model Home Sales... they are amazing b/c the furniture has never been used!

note: For those who are unfamiliar w/ "model homes" they are the houses that builders put up in a new development to show potential buyers how the homes could look completely furnished and decorated. 
I used to work for a model home company, Model Home Interiors... it was so much fun to get a floor plan and design an entire home, top to bottom, for a "fake" family. 
 side note:
Another mirror plus!
Babies LOVE to look at their reflection... great way to stop a fussy babe from crying. ; )

Bella always finds her way into my photo shoots.

Have a good one! Melis

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eRiN said...

Bella is also a great compliment to your mirror frames!