Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrift Store Thursdays~ Mid-century Modern

This week Johnna and I checked out a new (to me) thrift store, Good Samaritan, and the deals were even better than the Goodwill. There was a ton of furniture to look through and Johnna hit the jackpot in the "storage department." (See "side note" below)

As I looked around I spotted quite a bit of Mid-century modern looking pieces. Like this, ridiculously inexpensive, amazing sofa!

I love the clean lines with chrome legs and the fabric, white and grey threads, was really nice too! I wanted to buy it so badly considering if I were to buy something like this new it would easily be over $1,000. It was hard to pass up... but where would I put it? Johnna called a friend to see if she was interested... we were determined to get this gem into a good home. : )

The best part...

note: for those who are unfamiliar with Mid-century modern furniture, it is a design style from the 50's and 60's that is marked by simplicity, clean lines and organic forms. 

These "bar" stools are amazing. They were so unique and must have been in a dentist office at some point because there were dentist chairs next to them with the exact same "robins egg" blue leather seats.
These were a bit more expensive at $65 ea.  

This buffet is great looking, as is, or with a new coat of white paint. I love the asymmetric drawers and the super clean lines.   

Great orange stackables... love the chrome legs!

side note: 
Johnna and I found a ton of great items for her brothers new place in D.C. The back of my SUV was filled with chests, a metal storage box, and frames similar to the ones found in my "Framed Fabrics" post. She plans on hanging them up without anything in them similar to the look of the Anthropologie mirrors below for $698!

The entire trunk cost $34 bucs!

Have a good one! 
oh, and Happy Birthday Mom! 


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