Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Adventure! Mirror, mirror on the wall...

This weekend Doak, my babe, and I set off for an adventure to local yard sales...
On our first stop I felt like I was on an episode of Picker Sisters,(If you haven't seen the show, watch it~ my dream job!) b/c of this shed full of junk that spilled out into the yard.
However, it got cut short b/c of a storm... so we continued to shop indoors at our local flea market and antique mall.  

1st Find 
I LOVE mirrors! I use them as art. They are the perfect accessory in Interior Design.
tip: Hang mirrors to reflect interesting architecture, reflect windows to create more light and open up small spaces. Like my toss pillow and ottoman obsession, add mirrors to the list. I have a ton that I have painted and displayed throughout our home. 

(I will post later)

Turquoise mirror
tip: The yard sale mirror would look great painted a turquoise color and hung on a white wall, like this example, or vice versa. 

Made it into the flea market before the rain!
This building is HUGE (over 200 booths), music was blasting and food was cooking... needless to say I didn't find much. 

I saw this mirror and considered buying it and painting it a dark charcoal or silver color to place on a white wall in my office.
tip: $25 but... I negotiated and got her down to $12!
Always negotiate at flea markets... the sellers expect it! 
*Didn't buy but may go back next weekend.
Chantilly Vines Mirror

I thought this vintage cigarette machine was awesome. I can see this in an industrial loft or studio space.
note: It could be used in a guys bedroom as a mirror, since guys don't need a table top, just throw your comb in the cig dispenser. It's cool... I like!  

Next we stopped at the antique mall...  every inch is packed w/ antiques. Row, after row, after row...
note: I love this place but it could be very overwhelming to others. You have to be able to see through all of the craziness and really focus in on the quality pieces. 
And again... more mirrors.
tip: Instead of a wall gallery of photos... try it with mirrors. Pick mirrors with unique, textured frames. Paint them funky colors or keep it clean and simple.

Pretty example!

                                                                                   side note:       
1st stop: Yard Sale 11:30 am
Stole this pic of the table full of
Miller High Life (champagne of beers) and Moonshine!
They actually asked me if I wanted a shot of moonshine while I had Doak hanging off my arm in his car seat, haha.. No thanks! 

Wow, too funny!

Check back for Thrift Store Thursdays!
Have a good one! Melis

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