Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glass Vessels

I never thought of myself as a collector, as a matter of fact I actually dislike decorative "tchotchkes" or "knick knacks," but as I looked around my home I notice I have a lot of bottles...
When I go to thrift and antiques stores I always check out the bookshelves full of gorgeous, colorful and some very old glass vessels.
I bought this box from an antique store to showcase some of the bottles I have found over the years. I was drawn to the old wood panels and silver metal frame but when I read the description on side of the box I was sold.

note: The box was an old milk crate from a local farm.
Description on the side of the box:

These two are my favorite. The bottle caps are rusted and the glass has a film that only age could have created.

I'm a huge fan of the cork stoppers too! 

These vessels are a lot larger in scale and frame the fireplace perfectly. They each have a different textured glass.

note: Best part about these gorgeous vases is they were from Ross. Prices varied from $18-$28 ea. 

Antique store shot: Tons of old bottles... colored, labeled and clear glass.

Thrift store shot: Shelves and shelves full of glass bottles, carafes, glasses, etc.

note: bottles add interest and color. Best part... they are cheap! Rarely do you spend over $3 for a bottle.  

side note: 
Ben checking out the bottle box... and yes, he has attempted to get in. 

Even wine bottles look "cool" and add color to your kitchen or dining area... and yes, I picked the bottled b/c I liked the designs of the labels, haha!
note: Lucky Duck has a different color for each type of wine and only cost $4!
Metal wine bottle holder from IKEA only $5.

Happy Thrifting!
Have a good one! Melis

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