Thursday, September 1, 2011

Garden Chair Compare~ Gift for D & J! 

I am completely aware that these unique iron chairs can not be duplicated but at $248 a piece I'm going to try...

I purchased this white table and chairs (SET of 3) for a total of $139. Three cans of Rest-Oleum spray paint, under $5 a can and added lanterns and tins bought from the dollar store to add to the outdoor ambiance. 

*tip: Rest-Oleum Spray Paint is a MUST HAVE when doing make over projects. I use it for EVERYTHING! Colors are amazing and coverage is fantastic (even has an awesome angle spray nozzle). It works on almost any material and is super durable for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Sitting pretty in a charming backyard in Richmond, VA.

note: to get closer to the "Anthro" look use different chairs. I planned on getting different chairs from antique stores, garage sales, etc. but the set was so inexpensive and I didn't want to break it up. 

                                                                                             side note: 
I made this gift for our great friends, Dan and Johnna. Dan and I set it up in the backyard for Johnna's birthday. He added wine and lite the candles for a romantic summer night surprise.
Dan let me know that he reads and sketches on his new backyard furniture all the time... so glad they like it!

Have a good one!


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