Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrift Store Thursdays~ "Anthro" Comparisons

Amelie Sofa

Thrift Store Sofa

tip: Imagine a black or white lacquer frame w/ a gorgeous funky fabric to turn this ridiculously traditional sofa modern and fun.

Our next goal: Johnna and I are going to learn how to re-upholster. With so many ideas and opportunities to create beautiful furniture for so cheap it would be insane not to. It is going to take a lot of practice and patience but completely worth it in the end.

  note: The sofa was dropped off on Sept. 8th. If I wait a month I can get it 1/2 off! The only problem, someone else may buy it!
We will see if it is still there next week. 

Henri Dining Chair
$168 ea

(Set of 6) $160  
I absolutely love these bamboo chairs. My first instinct was to paint them a interesting color. When I went on "Anthro's" website I saw the Henri Chair and couldn't believe the similarities. The colors above are perfect!

tip: Use Rust-Oleum Spray paint... great colors and super easy! 

I also like the design on the seat. The paint will show the texture even better. 

Not an "Anthro" bed but I love the look. 

tip: This metal headboard has a lot of potential. I like it the natural metal color but I can also see it bright white or fuchsia for a guest or girls room.

$230 for everything. Not bad!

Another good trip...

Have a good one! 


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