Friday, April 26, 2013

J & K's Wedding!

When my little brother got engaged and asked me to be his wedding photographer I was excited!
It was a very sweet request until I realized that these are the one and only pics of his one and only day!
I got nervous.

#1. I am not a photographer
#2. I NEVER use flash. I love to take photos in natural light. Having to photograph interior spaces, church and reception, terrified me.
#3. Pittsburgh was cold... so most of the pics were going to have to be inside!

I absolutely loved seeing the wedding through the lens. 

Here are just a few!
Take a look...

Momma kisses.



Daddy drivin!

Bridal Party

You did it!

Hubby taking pics of his wife and her fam!

John helping too.



Best buds

Loved hanging with my brothers. Good times.

Look at that look!
My brother is clearly in love with his new wife.
Congrats, Joe & Kyleigh! 

Cheers and "pickle bum!"

Much love,


Thursday, April 4, 2013

DC Design House 2013~ Done!

The DC Designer house Master Bedroom is finished, fini, finito, and oh so lovely!
This is a photo post of the work in progress, just some shots I took... not professionally done. 
This week and next is press week. So far the room has been selected to be published in Home and Design Magazine and the Washington Post.
Congrats Susan! 

To see the final project come visit the house!
April 14th-May 12th
2507 Foxhall Road, NW Washington DC
Sat & Sun 12-5
Tues-Friday 10-3
Go to: DC DESIGN HOUSE for deets!

We will be hanging out on the weekends and a couple days during the week.
 Come see us! 

Much love,