Friday, December 19, 2014

Quickie Clean Up Project~Jewelry

Went Christmas shopping and added some pieces of jewelry for myself (whoops!) when I realized my accessory area of the bathroom needed a little makeover. 
See below! 

I had everything sitting on the bathtub counter. My jewelry tree (See Post: Jewelry Storage Beyond a Box) was completely covered and unorganized and the bangles on the faucet... that was Doak's doing. : )

 The antlers I grabbed from home office.  
(See Post: Antlers, antlers and more antlers)

And my sister made me this framed earring holder for Christmas a couple years ago and I absolutely love it! 

I can see everything! 

Now I'm organized and my bare wall looks pretty too! 

Antlers were perfect! 

So much better!

And for other accessories...

My jewelry tree has turned into a headband tree.

Kitty ring holder from Johnna! 

And a bowl of bangles and cuffs. 
Now everything has a place! 

Happy Holidays from the Molitors! 

Much Love,


Friday, December 12, 2014

Carriage Hill Clubhouse~In Progress

Every designer loves to design from the ground up, and while I'm working on a few of those, there is something about an "update" project that gets me just as excited!
Carriage Hill Clubhouse needed a facelift and I was more than happy to give it new life!
Below are some of the "before and in progress" photos of this awesome gem in Charlottesville, VA. 

In Progress... 



And there you have it...

Final install is next Friday... Can't wait to pull it all together!

Much love,