Friday, December 19, 2014

Quickie Clean Up Project~Jewelry

Went Christmas shopping and added some pieces of jewelry for myself (whoops!) when I realized my accessory area of the bathroom needed a little makeover. 
See below! 

I had everything sitting on the bathtub counter. My jewelry tree (See Post: Jewelry Storage Beyond a Box) was completely covered and unorganized and the bangles on the faucet... that was Doak's doing. : )

 The antlers I grabbed from home office.  
(See Post: Antlers, antlers and more antlers)

And my sister made me this framed earring holder for Christmas a couple years ago and I absolutely love it! 

I can see everything! 

Now I'm organized and my bare wall looks pretty too! 

Antlers were perfect! 

So much better!

And for other accessories...

My jewelry tree has turned into a headband tree.

Kitty ring holder from Johnna! 

And a bowl of bangles and cuffs. 
Now everything has a place! 

Happy Holidays from the Molitors! 

Much Love,


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