Thursday, October 13, 2011

Doak's Baby Showers

   Richmond Shower

The Richmond baby shower was at my home but hosted by great friends, Johnna Sheets and Cameron Poindexter.
The decor stemmed from Doak's nursery with the colors and birds but had a slight carnival theme as well with flags and a photo booth!

note: The tissue paper pom poms are so cute and add so much color!
Here is a link on how to make them yourself:
    Tissue Paper Pom Poms    

Johnna made these flag streamers that hung from the torches on the back deck. The fabric was leftover from the quilt she made. Check it out: Doak's Quilt

The Photo Booth was a HUGE hit! Loved this little sign so much I hung it in Doak's nursery after the party. 

Johnna and her hubby Dan set up an area with fabric and decor for people to come and get there photo taken. Props like, hula hoops, pin wheels and bubbles were also used to create goofy and priceless pics.  

Red Sangria and Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing!
Flag theme continued. 


I stamped this frame with Doak's initials and asked, "Please give the soon to be parents any advice on their new chapter... adventure." I thought it would be great to read years from now. 

Advise from friends. : )

I attached these tags on the party favors with a bird stamp and message on the opposite side. I loved all of the different patterns and colors... again, staying with the nursery color theme. I used tootsie pops, tootsie rolls (chocolate, orange, lime and vanilla), and candy dots for the favors.

tip: Always check out Michael Arts and Crafts dollar section, usually in the aisle right before you check out. I bought these tags and matching "Thank You" cards for super cheap.
12 tags for $1. 6 cards for $1.

Thank you cards matched the tags on the candy favors and a orange bird stamp to finalize the letter. 

Cute shower gifts and cards!

Love these natural wood blocks Carly found on Etsy!

Love this detail from a blanket made from my very talented friend, Brandye. 

Kitty plaques and flag card from Johnna and Dan. So cute!

Pittsburgh Shower

The Pittsburgh shower was at my parents home and was hosted by my mom, sisters and sister-in-laws. It had been raining the entire week before but thankfully it was a beautiful day.

I brought the decor and photo booth props from the Richmond shower back to the 'burgh because they were so cute and it was such a great way to capture family and friends. Good times!

note: Top photos: My mom, sisters (minus Meg's), nieces and I.
Bottom photo: Der's Aunt Ginny with her girls Cameron and Landin and I. 

For this April shower I used different favors to go with a different theme. "April Flowers bring May Flowers." 
I gave everyone wildflower seeds in little white tins.  

note: I got the tins from the dollar store in the wedding section. Yes, the dollar store has a wedding section, haha.
6 tins for $1 

I found really colorful floral cards from, again, Michael's dollar section and wrote a message inside, "April Flowers bring May Flowers and Baby Doak in June!
Doak was born June 7th.

note: I couldn't find the tags similar to the ones from the first shower so I cut the printed cards into small tags and hole punched the end to attach the note to the tin with raffia.
I used the extra cards for the thank you letters. I have no idea if anyone remembers the connection but I think its a cute way to keep everything connected to the theme. 

Jenny, in the yellow dress, made this beautiful blanket for Doak. That makes #3 in the handmade blanket department.
 Lucky boy! 
My sisters set up a craft table for the little ones, and some adults (me), to create a scrapbook for Doak. Cameron, in photo, made a bunch of great pages and wrote really sweet messages for Doak to read when he gets older. 
The craft table also had a bunch of onesies with markers, paint, stencils, etc., for everyone to decorate. 

note: Morgan and Abbey, my nieces, had a blast and did a great job creating new clothes for their soon to be cousin.

Attempting the acrylic spray paint and stencils... not bad. 
Wow, my hands are swollen! 

They turned out really cute and it was a great way to keep the younger crowd entertained.

side note: 
I wanted to dress Doak up and show you guys some of the creative, some handmade, gifts he got from his showers.
His "King of the Crib" onesie from Ana goes perfect with his lions mane crochet hat Carly got from Etsy. 

As I'm taking these pics Der says in the background... "he's not going to like these ones when he grows up." Haha! 
Carly also found these great green and black toile fabric slippers from Etsy...
so cute!
Here are the gorgeous crochet blankets laid out for Doak to learn to crawl and nap.
I have such thoughtful, creative and talented people in my life... I am so thankful.

note: Mutlicolored by Jenny Cornman: Check out her Etsy shop!
Multi blue by Brandye Jefferson

The little details. perfection.

Have a good one!

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