Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hat Factory Club and VIP Lounge~ Before & Afters

A couple months ago I started a design project at The Hat Factory, an awesome entertainment venue here in Richmond, VA.
 The idea... turn a very casual and eclectic atmosphere
 (photo above) into a modern and chic club and 2nd floor exclusive lounge by New Years Eve!

Design board for the new and improved lounge space. 

The space planning on the 2nd floor needed to seat multiple "exclusive" parties in the same area. White leather curved sectional sofa's and cocktail tables with hidden wedge seating was the way to go. 

Preliminary sketches: 2nd Fl. (Left side)
Preliminary sketches: 2nd Fl. (Right side)

Before & Afters
 -Green wall had to go.
-Furniture had to go.
-Figure out a way to create art on the grey sound absorption boards   

-A charcoal paint color to pop the new furniture.
-New white leather contract grade furniture and super functional cocktail tables
-After a few ideas thrown around about the art the owner, Chris Farag, had a great idea to paint famous faces in a clean and crisp black and white design. 






The "Luna" sofa works great in the center of the space. Two parties can enjoy the night in privacy because of the high back cushions.

Another Luna shot

And another!

On the ground floor the stage for live bands, DJ's, and other forms of entertainment needed to be revamped. 

We added white panels and magenta swags just below the can lights to create height and draw your eye to a brighter stage.

This space was turned into a cabana style seating area for those who want sit and hang out closer to the dance floor.



Getting ready for New Years festivities!

Packed club!


Exclusive seating area!

Stage looks so much bigger! 

Band looking good on the new stage.

With over 900 presale tickets sold for the New Years Eve party the night was a huge success!

side note: 
Although the club would have been an amazing time I opted
 for wine, pizza and a fire with my boys! 

Haha... Happy New Year!


Have a good one! 


Steph Peske said...

Wow this club is amazing! What a visionary you are! I keep warning Joe...once we buy our house...expect a phone call! ;o)

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

Thanks, Steph! Can't wait... that would be so fun!

Laura said...

HA! I somehow ended up at this place on New Year's Eve! I was admiring the portraits on the wall! CRAZY! Great job!!!

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

So weird! Who would have thought a momma of 2 ends up at the Hat Factory and gets to the skip the HUGE line V.I.P. style... I love it! Glad you liked it!