Friday, January 27, 2012

New DIY Modern Cocktail Table!

Johnna and I put our heads together and came up with this new modern looking cocktail table without spending a dime!

After we came up with the design I found this table on a modern furniture site for $450.

So similar, although I like the two toned, the mix of light and dark woods, on ours better... and so expensive! 

I was given this piece of furniture from my awesome clients from Spy Rock Real Estate Group, Andrew and Taylor, because it was damaged. Of course I wasn't going to let this go to waste, especially since I picked it out, and told them that I would think of something to hide the damage to make it work.

Once I got the table in the house I realized that it was too low. I was well aware that is was going to be but with my existing sofas I needed to add some height. Johnna and I thought about adding legs somehow but that would take away from the look. So I thought maybe putting a long and narrow cocktail to the side sitting perpendicular to create a 2 tier cocktail would work. Johnna grabbed 2 tables from Doak's room and thought we could saw half of the legs off and do the 2 tier idea with those tables. (See Below)

Doak's Lack Tables from IKEA
Now he's down to two but it looks fine until I get back to IKEA to replace it.
As we played around with the ideas... we came up with 1 floating 2 tier table.
We took two legs off and decided to use a stack of books to secure the table.

note: I need to get hinges or hooks and drill the legs into the side of the main table for extra security. 

The books being under the accent table works out great because Doak is almost 8 months old and into everything! He climbs and stands up on anything he can get his hands on and has been pulling the books off of the table. It's so dangerous...
so this way he can't pull them out! 

                           BEFORE & AFTERS
Our old cocktail was a hand me down. It was a medium wood color and pretty beat up so I sanded the top and used an espresso colored Rust-Oleum spray paint. It looked fine but Der and I both knew that it was about time for a new one.
I had no idea it would be FREE!

Ariel View-Before

Ariel View-After

Too low.
Our fix!

Side View

I love it! 

Ben is pretty convinced that I set this up for him...

and Bella loves it too, especially since Doak can't get to her anymore! Haha.

Have a good one!


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