Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thrift Store Find~ Green Upholstered Chair!

If you read last weeks post, Thrift Store Thursdays, you know that I found this chair for $38! I was so happy with this great "find" that I had Johnna Sheets buy one as well. This post shows how the chairs look in both of our spaces. We love them!

Had fun trying different toss pillows and deciding which ones looked best. (I can always switch it up if I get bored)
The fuschia patterned pillow...

The green and cream circle patterned pillow...

or the white shell pillows?

I decided on the white shell pillows. Not only does the pearly shine look beautiful against the green color, they have meaning. Our ring bearer used one of the pillows in our wedding. There are other pieces of decor from our beach wedding in our bedroom so everything blends perfectly.  

Derek, my hubby, said that it creates a separate living room area and completes the room. Everyone's happy! 

Her partner sits in Dan and Johnna Sheets' home. 

Looks awesome w/ Dan's art work and the existing furniture they have in their home. A modern black leather sofa and an antique locker are just some pieces that will compliment the chair in the living room. 

side note:
baby Doak LOVES the new chair... perfect for breastfeeding!  

and so does Bebe, or eldest kitty. I dropped it off in my office for not even five minutes before I went back to get it and there he was as comfortable as can be.

Check back tomorrow for Thrift Store Thursdays!

Have a good one, Melis  

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