Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrift Store Thursdays~ Green Upholstered Chair

I don't care if they can't spell as long as they have good deals. ; )

Every "Wendeday," haha, I hit up the local thrift store for 1/2 priced furniture. Thursdays posts will be called "THRIFT STORE THURSDAYS," and will reveal the items that I think have potential to be something great. 
Eventually some items will be posted as new and unique pieces. Other pieces I will compare with great design photos to show what the item could look like w/ a different fabrics or a new coat of paint. 

Tip: The most important thing is to be open-minded and think outside of the box!
I love small scale chairs, like these from Designers Guild, that could be put almost anywhere...
Look what I found!

2 Gorgeous Tub Chairs
The photo doesn't do these chairs justice. The color is stunning, fabric is rich and they are extremely comfy. Best part... $38. each! They had only been sitting in the store for one day and a young hip couple sat on them in contemplation so I knew I had to get them that day. I can't wait a month to get them at 1/2 price b/c they definitely would be GONE! Plus at that price... who cares! You couldn't get a yard of that fabric for $38.
I had to have them... but where would I put two. I couldn't bare to break them up considering they probably had so much history together . Sooooooo, I called Johnna Sheets (Friend & Designer)! Told her the situation and SOLD... She was going to buy the second one for her living room!
Don't know if mine will go in my bedroom or home office yet... we shall see.
Note: Tricia Guild is my FAVORITE fabric and wallpaper designer. (You may recognize a lot of her fabrics on my sofa!) I have her book,"Pattern" and every time I flip through the pages I fall in love all over again. When I see outdated upholstered chairs at thrift stores I envision her vividly stunning fabs on them and they become super chic!
Anthro Wingback $1898
Tip: This funky wingback chair is from Antho and looks very similar to the thrift store find below. It doesn't have those great wings or the tufted back but with a bright orange fab or one similar to Tricia's collection this $109 wingback chair below could look kinda close to its competitor. 
Thrift Store Wingback $109
I just absolutely LOVE these bamboo chairs. 4 for $119.

Tip: They would look great painted white, turquoise, red...
Great potential but I'm going to wait. They came to the store on August 16th. That means I have to wait until Sept. 21st to get them for $59.50 for ALL 4!!!
Hopefully no one snatches them up before then.  

side note:
Thriftin with my sidekick, Doak!
*Pillow inside cart $2.99 1/2= $1.49

Just for fun... Halloweens coming!!!

Note: You'd be surprised what great clothes you can find at thrift stores. I have found some vintage pieces, actual Anthro pieces and pieces that need a little TLC but turn out looking great!
  Madonna's Material Girl perhaps...
Need some diamonds, belt, gloves and a big pink bow!
 *I actually found a dress at a thrift store in college and did this idea for Halloween.
So fun! 

Have a good one! Melis 


The Gillefonds said...

Do you re-upholster yourself? I love the thrift store furniture but find I lose the savings when I have to take it to be re-upholstered. If it's easy, Ill do it myself (dining room chair seat cushions, for ex) but a wingback? yikes! Great blog, Melissa!

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

You are exactly right about that... re-upholstering furniture is very expensive therefore I am determined to learn!!! With a lot of time and patience I think it will be an awesome hobby. There are so many projects I'd like to do that it would be worth the hassle. We shall see how it goes! The process will definitely be shown in the blog at some point.