Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Block Party... on the cheap!

My neighbor Carol and I decided to have a cul-de-sac party for Halloween but the dilemma was that there was not a single cent from the Social Committee funds left over from the Labor Day party. 

The challenge: ONLY spend $25 each

Mission accomplished!

I was in charge of decorations so of course I was going to make the tissue paper pom poms, seen at Doak's baby shower, to hang from tree to tree.

tip: I bought 3 packs of 20 and only used 5 sheets per pom pom to make a total of 12 pom poms. Most instructions online say to use 15 to 20 sheets but I don't think it is necessary. The ones I made are full enough and you save on tissue paper.

I used a paper clip in the center of the accordion fold and hung them with raffia.
Super easy, super cheap, and super cute!

Movie Trailer

Johnna was inspired by her new bangs to come as Amelie. Dan, her hubby, is the gnome she carries w/ her on her travels. Dan had most of his costume and made the red cap.

 They looked awesome and always have great costumes.

note: Last year we all went as, The Neverending Story, characters and won a costume party.
Der was the boy (Held the book all night), I was Moonchild (princess), Johnna was Atreyu (the young warrior) and Dan Falcor (the flying dog). So fun!

Johnna's thrift store Amelia costume, my apron, her gloves.
Total: $4!

Superman family...
I had both Superwoman and Superman from years previous and found Doak's at a thrift store.
Total cost for costumes this year... $1!!!!!!!!


Super baby flying!

Notice the table full of Pumpkin Ale... so good!

Carol and I...
Neighborhood Social Committee
Add it to the resume, haha!

We blocked off the cul-de-sac and put chairs and tables out for family and friends to gather.

note: It is nice to have a block party in the Cul-de-sac because no one has to be the host. Everyone entertains themselves and kids can run around all day and night without destroying your house. : )  

Super and Wonder Woman unite!
Candy and prizes for the kids costumes!

note: All from the Dollar Store

Adult Prize Winner- Bag/Cat Lady
$25 Gift Card to Olive Garden

note: The only thing she bought was cats, glued to her night gown, from the Dollar Store, and a wig. Creative and funny!
Everyone brought something to add to the Potluck party... that way no one is stuck paying a ton of money for food and beverages. 

And a TON of food was donated from a Martin's Grocery Store that one of neighbors works at in the area. So awesome!

Super baby curl
Sleepy baby... after partying all day. 

We ended the night with smores... BIG hit!
I just pulled out the fire pit from our deck and put it the middle of the cul-de-sac. Kiddos swarmed the area as Johnna and I placed the marshmallows on the sticks and completed the dessert sandwich with graham crackers and Hershey bars. 

side note:

I plan on using the pom poms again to decorate the front yard for Halloween but for now Bella is enjoying them. 

Happy Halloween!

I would love to hear what you guys are dressing up as this weekend... creative homemade and thrift store costumes are the best!

Have a good one,


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrift Store Thursdays~ "Oh, heavens!" L of J Thrift

For those of you that know me, know that "Oh, heavens!"
(in a Wisconsin accent) is a common phrase in my day to day life!
So, needless to say when I entered, "Love of Jesus Thrift Store," I said it quite a bit... seemed fitting. ; ) 
L of J has a huge shelf full of colorful patterned fabrics.

note: The ideas are endless when fabrics are around so it's smart to go through the selection and pick out the fabrics you like just to have. They cost next to nothing and next time you are feeling creative or need a gift for someone, the fabs may come in handy. 

Loved the look of this vintage metal tray high chair... would I put Doak in it? Ahhh, no!

note: I played around with it a bit and it seemed as if it could fold up with any slight moment. 

Metal lockers are a unique way to store coats, books , etc.
The industrial look would be perfect in a warehouse studio or loft. 

I love this yellow headboard minus the stencil design in the center. This would look great in any color and the strong curved design would "pop" on any bedroom wall. 

This super intricate dresser would look amazing in a bohemian style bedroom as is or again, could be painted any color.

note: Below are some matching mirrors to the pieces above. Although I like them I would not put them in the same room. It would make the room look too "matchy-matchy!" 

There were also a bunch of these old antique vanities. They have a lot of character and would look great in an eclectic or even a modern bedroom. 

another vanity...
and another! 

                        side note: 
Got to love thrift store colored upholstery... oh, heaveeeens!

Happy thrifting!

Have a good one,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jewelry Finds and Storage Beyond a Box

Wish Tree Jewelry Holder

My Jewelry Tree
T.J. MAX $12
I had been looking for something to hang my jewelry from since I have a ton. (This is only half)
I don't like the idea of a jewelry box because I can't see it laid out in front of me to just grab, put on, and go... so this was perfect.

plus, I love the bird details in the photos below.

It may look crowded but these are my most used pieces, at the moment, and it is super easy for me to grab what I want and put back when I'm done.

Necklace-Thrift store (Morgantown, WV) find $6
Ring-Antique store (Pittsburgh, PA) find $18

Large cuff-Consignment store (Rumors in Richmond, VA)
Silver cuff-Antique store (Morgantown, WV)

Other ways to save on jewelry and have it mean something... MAKE IT!
My mom and her friends made this gorgeous multi-stand beaded necklace for my birthday during our wedding week in OBX. 

Antique gold cuffs. LOVE.

LARGE earring... only thing I wear. Perfect accessory to a simple outfit. 

Scrying Ring

The ring from Anthro looks very similar to the one on the far right I bought at an antique store for $18. 

 note: Most of my jewelry has meaning or holds a great memory. I bought this ring over Christmas in Pittsburgh while shopping with my siter-in-law, Karen. She bought a gorgeous mother of pearl ring as well... then we headed out for Mexican! 

The "beat up" silver band was bought in Morgantown, WV while I was in college. Morgantown had some of the best thrift/antique stores. Messy and overcrowded... just the way I like it!  

The mother of pearl was from the Outer Banks where my family vacationed every year plus my mom bought it for me. 

And the "spoon" ring was purchased at the Street Market in Charleston, SC. I used to live there and it reminds me of my Interior Design internship, heading to the charming city and best of all hanging out at the beaches!

BUT the most memorable ring of all is my wedding ring...
I found these cool shell cases, at Pier 1 for $2, to put them in when we are not wearing them. Makes sense since Der proposed on the beach and we were married on the beach. 

side note:

I plan on adding wire mesh to the back of these two frames that I got at an antique store to hang my earrings. It will be a great way to organize them and will look so cute in my bathroom!

Have a good one!