Thursday, January 24, 2013

VA you're COLD! Thrift/Vintage Trenches & Coats~ANTHRO COMPARE

I grew up in Pittsburgh and while I love it there I told myself every winter "remember this... you hate this weather!" So I made my way down the east coast and eventually landed in Richmond, VA. And yes, I love you too, you have beautiful seasonal weather with gentle winters, but this week VA...

Going through my coat closet I realized that I have managed to collect quite a few thrift finds in my day!

This leather trench, above, I found in college at a thrift store that I went to almost every week. The owner and I became buddies and when I tried on this vintage beauty she sold it to me for only


I was blown away. I wore it every cold day in college and am excited to bring it back to life!

Anthro Wool Curtsey $298
I found this vintage wool trench in college as well 
and added new buttons

Anthro Leather Bomber
Thrift Faux Leather Bomber

Anthro Faux Fur 
Thrift Faux Fur

Cold Snap Jacket by Idra
Anthro Leather

Thrift Vintage Leather w/ belt

 Gift from Carly (College roommate, best bud and fellow thrifter) before we parted ways in college. 
I loved it and she knew it... She's the best!
Anthro Pucker Plaid
Thrift Plaid (Added belt)

Anthro Hampden Pea Coat
Thrift Pea Coat

Engla Trench -
Anthro Engla Trench
Thrift Maternity Trench w/ flair skirt & butterfly collar 
(Added belt)

Anthro My Fair Lady Trench
Thrift Sailor Jacket (Added belt)

Anthro Rain Trench
Thrift Rain Trench

And there you have it! 

Through the years I think I have created a pretty decent coat collection, for all seasons, for a fraction of the cost!

 I LOVE thrifting! 

   Much love,


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