Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Orange Rocker

Doak's nursery would not be complete without this orange rocker! It was given to me, originally in a medium wood color, by great friends for my baby shower. I painted it last March and just notice this similar, very expensive, orange chair below on Anthro's website. 

Anthropologie $1098

1st coat: Spray paint PRIMER

tip: Instead of sanding down the entire chair I used a spray paint primer. It was the perfect way to prepare the wood for better adhesion and durability.

note: It was so fast and effective. I used a primer with a grey tint since I was applying a color instead of white.
2nd coat: Rest-Oleum SPRAY PAINT

note: In only two easy steps this tradition rocking chair is transformed into a modern baby rocker! 

I added a lime green cushion for comfort. I absolutely LOVE this chair and so does Der, especially when rocking our little one to sleep... it's the sweetest thing.

note: I'll put photos of the rest of the nursery up soon... it was such a fun project and so many ideas were done super cheap! 

side note:

This was the original rocker given to me at Doak's baby shower last March.
Thanks Phil and Rick!!!

note: a ducky towel was also attached...

and here is Doaky in his ducky. : )

Have a good one!

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