Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY Dreamcatcher

Derek's father gave Doak a dreamcatcher when he was born. 
(See Post: Doak's "Big Boy" Room)
 I loved this gift and realized... what a great comfort for a child to tell them they will have sweet dreams because the web will catch any harm that comes their way.

Although the items I'm using aren't sacred its the idea that holds true and I appreciate the art of the ancient legend.

I'm on a mission to take away nightmares for all little ones! : )

This is my playful catcher. My friend Ashley's little one, Declan, has a big boy room now and I know how that can be scary for them when they have to move on and be brave to sleep without barriers. So he gets a dreamcatcher!

Her color palette are the colors above. I grabbed some paint swatches to create the feathers and arrowheads. 

Some leather string, wooden beads and hand cut feathers.

I kept the metal craft ring exposed instead of wrapping it for a modern look.

Love this little guy.

Playful feathers
Arrow heads and beads

Looks great in Rowan's room...
and Doak's room too!
Sweet dreams for baby Declan!

Much love,

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