Friday, September 5, 2014

New handmade digs from D & J!

We got some new handmade onesies for baby Row from Dan and Johnna and they are ADORABLE!

Which one do we pick??? Bebe, Ben or Bella!!!
Art by Dan (Sheetsworks)
Hand sewn by Johnna 

We'll start with Bebe... our first born (kitty).

OMG, I can't get over these or baby bubbles!
Notice the bow tie... Bebe is a tuxedo cat.
And the hand sewn threads... a lot of time spent by Johnna to frame her hubby's work.

Next is Ben!
Our green eye kitty sporting some green threads.
Rowan looking fly in his grey Ben onesie and grey kitty hat.


And finally our sweet Bella aka Bello.

Notice the halo... Bella just pasted away and we miss her everyday.

Our blue eyed beauty and Rowan sporting the matching blue kitty hat.

I had to add these next few because Rowan was such a trooper at 3 weeks old... so funny! 




Sweet Bello!

Much love,


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