Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Day of Vintage Mint & Red

This past weekend Derek, Doak and I went to get Dim Sum and that is where the awareness began. I painted my nails this vintage mint color and for the rest of the day I kept seeing it everywhere. I told Der and he even spotted the color a few times. It is kinda like when you get a new car and all of the sudden you notice that car everywhere. Well, vintage mint and red shades were the stand out colors of my Saturday. 

I wore my mint ring that day as well... 

The large "lazy susan" dim sum table next to ours was this color and the red place mats on top really made it "pop." 

After lunch we headed over to Short Pump to get Doaks photo taken with Santa but of course I had to head into Urban Outfitters considering it is one of my favorite stores along with "Anthro!"
  This is where I bought the nail polish and new I had to get some more for Christmas gifts since it was my new obsession.

Urban Outfitters is selling vinyl and I am dying to get a record player. They have the newest Bon Iver and the colors are in the painting and perfect for the album.

note: Bon Iver is one of my favorite artist... Urban Outfitters carries the amazing, For Emma, Forever Ago, vinyl as well. I have been a fan for years and absolutely love his, Justin Vernon's, melancholy sound. I get lost in it... lovely.

After Short Pump, we hit up a thrift store where I found this little 70's number! Of course the color stuck out like a sore thumb in the hundreds of clothes on the rack. I threw on my red coral to keep the theme going.

Vintage Jumpsuit: $3.50

Red coral necklace w/ mint nails. So pretty! 

When we got back I noticed I had quit a bit of this color in our house.

This fabric is in my office in an antique frame: See FRAMED FABRICS
The decals I used for our powder room are the mint color.
And yes, Doak is usually on my hip while taking my blog pics.
He's my little sidekick : )

They look great and add so much character for the small space.

I found this vintage looking thermos a few years ago and loved the color combo. Its perfect for an afternoon picnic or a walk with the babe.

So glad I don't have to cover up my nails in these gloves. The color is festive and fun! Perfect for a holiday party or just everyday. 

 And here it is... SMUSH from Urban Outfitters! LOVE.

This colorway could be a great
 alternative for Christmas color decor rather than the primary red and green combo. It would be SO beautiful! 

Have a good one!

                       side note: 
Here's Doak all dressed up to see Santa...
   We were really excited to see his reaction to sitting on Santa's lap but he was at lunch. Really Santa?! You would think they would have a back up!

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