Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday~ A simple love story!

Can't buy me love... just a few things from the thrift store!

 Der had said in passing that an ottoman would be so comfortable in front of the green chair in our bedroom.
I was on it... I am an otto junkie and new I would find something perfect just in time to give him for Valentine's Day. 

OBVIOUSLY this red and black situation isn't going to work in our space but I wanted to keep it red for Valentine's day.
I plan on removing the unusual folding arms and painting the bamboo either white or chocolate, adding extra padding and a new patterned fabric!

Ottoman: $9.99

note: I will post the "after" after I finish the project!

Breakfast in bed wasn't nearly as pretty as last years:
 Valentine's Day~Breakfast in bed!

This year I had an 8 month old sitting on my hip that would not let me put him down. Sooooo, I added the "Best Dad" mug for tea and a card from Doak and acted like the breakfast was from the babe. : )

Love the multicolored bouquet... never was a red rose kinda girl. 

And what represents LOVE and happiness better than a laughing and dancing Buddha. I found this guy for $6 and had to have it. He makes me smile every time I pass him.

This tea set design is so simple yet beautiful. I'm sure a lot of deep conversations about life and love were discussed while having tea in these. 

$2 for the whole set!

More spices to spice up our lives. : )

$3 for the set!

And finally this lovely pair. I bet they have so many love stories to share. They are beautiful and looked perfect together. How could anyone ever break them up!

note: If I were to buy them I would paint the wood trim a bright white and really make the mustard yellow upholstery fabric and that high back really stand out!

Johnna met me at the thrift store shortly after and she loved them too. She had to have them... BOTH! We packed one in each car and were on our way!

So glad they will live happy ever after together again... a new love story for them begins!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's week!
Have a good one,


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