Thursday, February 9, 2012

R HOME Magazine House Tour!

R Home Magazine hosts a house tour for each edition they put out and we were chosen for the Jan/Feb edition!

I was told that the tour was full, 50 people, the day it was posted so I was super excited and thought it would be "sweet" to make bags of candy for everyone that attended. I attached my business cards with some pretty ribbon I had from Michael's.

Kisses for Valentine's day... and b/c the colors matched the house!
I punched holes into my business cards to create personal tags for the baggies. That way if anyone ever needs a designer they have my info or they could pass it on to a friend.

I also made "thank yous" on postcards I had made for my business.

The best part... cookies!

Raspberry Tea

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip

Sweet treats!

I only took a couple photos because I knew I would have to answer questions once everyone was in the house. 

I was told that the group would walk around as if they were in a museum and ask questions. 

Der and Doak made their rounds and answered a bunch of questions too. 

I asked Dan Sheets to bring a piece of his artwork. He had just finished this portrait of a beekeeper he met downtown at the 17th Street Farmers Market. Love it. 

The majority of the people asked about our gallery wall going up the stairs.

The photos of our wedding are really emotional and definitely struck a chord with a lot of the guest. They asked who was in the photos and why we were crying.

Black/White- Sister Meghan, Dad and Mom.
Color- Mom, brother Dennis, and myself.

At our wedding we had a, "Wish you were here," slide show for all of those in our family that had passed away. Sometimes when I look at them walking up the stairs I still get a bit teary eyed.

Tons of people asked about our trip to Peru. We were excited to tell them about all of the amazing villages we visited and, of course, our exploration of Machu Picchu! 

Wedding photos and the shells in our Master bedroom were another main attraction.
Our wedding memorabilia sits on our high chest... 

and on our nightstand.

Shells were used as the place settings at the wedding. I asked people to sign them and put them back into these glass vessels. So when they come to our home they would always have a place ready at our table.

It was really nice walking down memory lane.
I thought I would spend the entire time talking about furniture and fabrics but instead people really did treat the tour like they were walking through a museum.
 They loved the really personal aspects. They wanted to hear the history of us. It was sweet... I enjoyed the experience.

Have a good one!


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eRiN said...

Melissa, this is such an achievement, and your home is so beautiful. Congratulations!!