Friday, February 24, 2012


A Girl and A Boy

I will never say I'm an artist but I will say I love to paint.

CANVAS: Michael's Craft $50-$75 Each
PAINT: Micheal's Craft $28-$36   
I stopped working a week before baby Doak was due but he wanted to wait a week longer before he arrive. Since I had a little extra time on my hands Der suggested that I paint since I love it!


The painting started with a charcoal sketch...

note: When Der first walked into our attic/studio he immediately said that the face looked like him!

The charcoal sketch evolved into this:
 A very abstract version of Derek looking over Doak and I after labor. I was 40 weeks pregnant and that was the only visual that came to mind.

I ended up loving it and Derek does too!
Apparently Ben does too!

Der's face detail

Oil paint is sooooooo expensive! 

To get the look I mixed plaster with the paint color to create the depth and thickness of oil paint. I never used a brush on this entire painting... completely done with a spackle knife.

My brother John asked me to paint him something for his new place in Charleston, SC. The first thing I thought of is "Rainbow Row." 

Fun with bright colors!

Work in progress

Packing up for Charleston!

I added some "paint swatch" art and pillows that really bring all of the colors from the painting together.

"Paint swatch" art is such an easy way to bring a ton of color into your space.
Best part... it's FREE!
note: I'm leaving for South Carolina in the am and can not wait to see how this turns out in John's house. I will post photos when I get home!

Very Berry paint swatch

 Above: Marketing postcard for Model Home Interiors.

note: When I worked at MHI I was asked to make art for spaces that needed an authentic feel. I replicated this piece for a modern high end condo in D.C.

side note:
If you were wondering where Doak was while doing all of this...
Haha... he's the best!

Have a good one!



eRiN said...

Even your messes are beautiful! Love the WIP shot.

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

Thanks, Erin! I love being up in the "art studio" a.k.a unfinished attic. : )