Friday, March 16, 2012

SPRING CLEANING~ Make $ doing it!

Ahhhhhh... organization!
Spring is almost here and my closet was due for a major revamp.

1st up... Neutrals. 

Black & Whites. Some Gold.

Prints & Patterns

More prints and patterns...

and more prints & patterns.

It's pretty obvious what you will usually find me wearing in the Spring! 

After your closet gets to this point it is hard to see what you have. When I was done I felt like I had a new wardrobe. There were so many things that I forgot about and was I so excited to reunite with and wear!

AFTER: Right Side
AFTER: Left Side

I was planning on selling this pile of vintage dresses I collected.
BYGONES Vintage Clothing Store, in Carytown, is amazing but the first two 60's and 70's dresses didn't date back far enough.

These are awesome way to clean up you wardrobe. If they like you clothing your can receive cash or credit to the store!

I have earned $17 at Rumors before and got $14 credit at Plato's closet.

        Lace Collection:
This dress was from the 1950's. I purchased it from BYGONES a while back for Dan and Johnna's wedding and they bought it back. There was no way my waste is getting back into that ridiculously tailored dress after having baby Doak! Haha.

Bought it for: $55
Sold it for: $35

note: If you want to sell your items at BYGONES you have to make an appointment. Same goes for another sweet little consignment store in Carytown called, Clementine.
It could be weeks until you get an appointment. 

I love this lace dress too!
I found it at a thrift store. Don't know where I would wear it but figured for $3, why not. I could always sell it for more. 

Found this very costume like dress for $5 at a thrift store. I would never have anywhere to wear it but it would look
awesome in an "Anthro" or "Free People" ad.

note: I can definitely sell it for more then $5. I looked up the designer online and her stuff goes for $30-$200 a dress, depending! 



Boots and shoes all lined up.
and of course... Doak in the middle of it all!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Do it... it feels amazing and you may make a few extra bucs!

Have a good one!


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