Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anthro Dress Compare- Summer knits and lace!

Arched Careena Dress: $158

NOTE: Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters are all owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc. Below I will be comparing dresses from each of these branches.

 My consignment dress
Rumors: $11

Free People
Coachella Valley Tunic: $128

I ended up getting this shirt, I got it in an XL to wear as a tunic dress, for $4.50 after using Rue bucs at Rue 21!
This store is kinda young but so cheap... you definitely have to search. I find that adding my own accessories makes the pieces look more sophisticated.

Pins and Needles Lace Yoke Baby Doll Dress: $59

My baby doll
Forever 21: $24

And of course... Accessories!
Thrift store belt : $1.00

Woven purse
Thrift Store: $3.50

I love mixing different shades of gold.
Bangles, earrings and watch: Gabs, RUE 21 and Target

Another woven purse
Thrift Store: $2.00

Really diggin my new gold watch.

Gold Gladiator Sandals
RUE 21: 2 pairs for $20... so I got them in silver too! 

Excited to go out for Johnna's B-day tonight! 
The girls will be heading out for drinks and then to The National for the Neko Case show! 
Not sure what shoes to wear with my tunic dress... gladiators or my "go to" nude heels?

Note: I'll post pics of us in our outfits because knowing Johnna her get-up will probably be a whopping $5 bucs too! : )

Check out: Melis & Johnna's Get-ups... on the cheap!


Other lace dresses in the collection... perfect for any season and great for layering.

My sweet collection of lace and knits... how I love thee.

Doak confused as to why my clothes are all over the yard.

My little photo shoots are getting a lot harder with a super active 1 yr old... needless to say this one took about 15 minutes before the babe took over! Haha.

Have a good one!



The Gillefonds said...

Nice work with the thrifting!! I try to clothes shop on a budget but it is tough. Ok, now Im inspired...again! Have a great time at Neko Case- love her!

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

Awesome... you'll be surprised at all of the great stuff you find for Mathilda too! So excited for the concert, thanks! Have a great weekend!

Heather & Alvaro said...

I Love all of those things... I just have no car and no consignment shop. I need an update in the worst way!

Melissa Martin Molitor said...

Thanks, Heather! If you could just find some cool belts, online, you can update an old wardrobe in no time!
: )