Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pretty in Pink~Morgy's Room!

Valentine's week has me thinking pink
Morgan is my sweet niece who wanted a big girl bedroom makeover. Her uncle Denny painted her room pink, she got new bunk beds, and picked out her own zebra print comforters! 

When I heard about this transition I got excited and wanted to add something special to her new room. Since I had extra leaves from Doak's nursery I thought it would be perfect to paint some branches and add some leaves blowing in the wind. 

Branches done!
This was such a great project for both of us because she could help with the decals too. 

She did great!
We had so much fun... while "decaling" we danced and sang our butts off! She discovered Gotye this day and gets excited every time she hears, "Somebody That I Used To Know." Haha! 

We wrapped the leaves around to the bunk bed wall and added extra butterflies and birds.
She loved when I put the leaves on the ceiling too! 

She's a natural.
Wowza, brown eyed beauty!

There's a smile.

So happy!

Another extra decal that she was crazy about.

Me, "Act natural..." 

"...but don't look sad!"

Morgan, "OK!"

(and out came this theatrical pose!)

Morgy's big girl room!

and her little slippers and shoes! I want them both.
Excited to spend more time with both of my nieces, Morgan and Abbey, next weekend! Going to see the play Annie, an absolute childhood fav!
Can't wait!

Hope everyone had an awesome Valentine's Day with your hubbs, wives, kids, friends, pets... whoever you love!

Much love on this end,


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