Friday, February 22, 2013

Bridget Beari Designs~ I'm back in the office!

I love everything about a design office...
A few weeks ago I started working at Bridget Beari Designs and love being back in the office!
 I met Susan, owner of BBD, at LaDiff's "Design Chat" over a year ago and again, last Summer, while working on our separate spaces at the RSOL Designer House. Working on my own was great while staying home with my baby Doak but I knew we were both ready for the next chapter! 

Floor plans

Susan has created her own paint line with amazing colors.
BBD is starting a fabric line too!

We met with a bunch of reps this week and picked out a ton of fabric samples.
Love O & L/Designers Guild!

Of course Doaky bear is hanging with me all day. : )
Right outside our office door.  Love it. 
And the best part... I get to hang out with kitties!
Bink and Ink! 
Last night we went to the IFDA event at Ferguson for the Reverse Trade Show. We hung out with fellow designers and met a ton of connections for future projects.
Good times! 
And I won a Kohler Flipside shower head!


Heading to the 'burgh for the weekend.
 Have a good one!

Much love,


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