Friday, December 21, 2012

Molitor Holiday Decor~ Antlers, antlers and more antlers...

Rudolph took over our house this year... I know this an antelope but we can pretend. Our house has antlers everywhere. I can't get enough!
So why not hang balls on them!

This little guy greets you as soon as you walk in our front door. As you can see, it has the perfect little ear to throw our keys on! I used him as the main focal point at the Designer House over the mantle. Guests that walked the showhouse just loved this guy! Doak loves him too... he gives him kisses all the time.

These antlers are from Target!
Office Vignette

Another Target purchase... I'm obsessed!
Who is Ben... you ask?  Our kitty! 

and Bebe!
 They are definitely like our kids, haha. My brother, John, calls me a cat lady and he may be right... Der and I never knew we liked cats until after we got married. Our kitties act like puppies and sleep with us and... ok, I'll stop.
We just love them! 

I made name balls for each of their stockings... I messed up on Bella's so I made a paw. 
All the stockings were hung with care...

And at night.

Our modern wreath!
or some may call, "creepy wreath!"
I bought these dolls for Der and I in Mexico and thought they were the perfect addition to my homemade wreath.
The Lucy pendant was kind of like my Christmas tree this year...

Minus the smell of pine and getting pricked!

Our entire family lives in PA and we spend our holiday there so it doesn't make much sense to get a real tree...
Although I long for the day we cut down our own tree and decorate it together the Lucy pendent will do just fine for now.
She's a beauty!
When you wish upon a star...
This beauty sits on the top of the tree, (fake from the dollar store) in my office. It is dressed in all white and silver decorations for all my neighbors to see in the front window. Couldn't bare the thought of doing a "fake" in the family room. From outside you can't tell. ; )

And as we all know I'm a huge thrifter so when I saw these bubble lights I was ecstatic!  My mom has always had them on her tree and they are, hands down, my FAVORITE part. I couldn't find them anywhere!
As you can see only some are lite up and after a patient 15 minutes of waiting, in complete anticipation, no bubbles formed. 

My thrift advice for the week: Don't buy Christmas lights at thrift stores! : )

So excited to spend the holidays with the fam! I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and New Years!

This years family pics...

aaaand funny face!!! Happy Holidays! 

Cheers and much love!



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